In , a photo album created by Höcker came to the attention of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; the. The album belonged to Karl Höcker, the adjutant to the final camp commandant at Auschwitz, Richard Baer. Höcker took the pictures as. Picture from Karl Hoecker album. Author: SS photo. Foreground (from the left): Richard Baer, the third and the last commandant of KL Auschwitz; Dr Josef.

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Retrieved from ” https: The opening of a hospital at Auschwitz. In tried in Poland and sentenced to death. He was released after serving kral years. Perpetrators, participants, organizations, and collaborators.

This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat Then, post-war as Sebald was growing up, and later on as he re-visits in the ‘s, there are none. All the while, a few short miles away – these men and women commuting daily to their duties – the production line carnage, suffering and death of Auschwitz carried on – efficient and well ordered.

Historical pictures and documents / Gallery / Auschwitz-Birkenau

Hoecker joined a fighting unit that was captured by the British in northern Germany. While accounts from survivors and other SS officers all but placed him there, prosecutors could locate no conclusive evidence to prove the claim. It contains over one hundred images of the lives and living conditions of the officers and administrators who ran the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp complex. West German trials Frankfurt Auschwitz trials Treblinka trials. In others they are hunting and in another a man can be seen decorating a Christmas tree in what could only be described as a holiday in hell.


Josef ,arl was, at the time of this photograph, continuing to select “specimens” for his medical experiments from among the newly arriving transports of Hungarian Jews. One of the stories is that of Max Feber now in self exile in Manchester, Albuum. So Hocker’s album is incomplete. Picture taken during the war.

Hoecker in his summer uniform. Several pages depict a ceremony on September 1, ksrl, commemorating the opening of the SS military hospital at the entrance to Birkenau. Posted by tim atherton at 7: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The museum obtained the photos from a retired US Army intelligence officer, who came across the album in an apartment in Frankfurt and has now given them to the museum.

Judenrat, victims, documentation and technical. I’ve linked to it at http: Frankfurt Auschwitz trials Treblinka trials.

Laughing at Auschwitz – SS auxiliaries poses at a resort for Auschwitz personnel, 1942

During the same hoecksr he also received some military training. The Holocaust in Poland. The Holocaust in Poland. They weighed the facts that he had been a model citizen after the war, had voluntarily asked for denazification inand they could only find proof that he had been a desktop functionary.

All scenes from Garrison life that almost any soldier anywhere would recognise – picnics, concerts, drinks and formal occasions in the mess, musical concerts, joking and laughing, sunning themselves outside the barracks – the soldiers “frolicking” as someone put it.

He was released in and was able to return to his bank post as a chief cashier, where he worked until his retirement. He further denied any knowledge of the fate of the approximatelyHungarian Jews who were murdered at Auschwitz during his term of service at the camp. I had no ability to influence these events in any way…neither did I want them, nor carry them out.


Hannah Arendt’s dictum of ” The banality of evil ” is inevitable quoted in connection with this album of photographs – but rightly so. By using this kqrl, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He was released after serving five years.

Höcker Album

Sebald travels back to the area he sets as Feber’s home in Germany, which is close to the same area in Southern Bavaria that Sebald himself grew up in, during and just after WWII. Not only does Perel survive though, but he is considered a war hero by the Nazis, forwarded as an exemplary Aryan, sent for an elite Hitler Youth education at a Berlin Academy and almost adopted by a high ranking officer.

Only hofcker away on the very same day, prisoners Jews and non-Jews arrived on a transport to Auschwitz. So despite how far up the chain of command the complicity went, I see this as a substantial difference between those and this album. He married before the war and had a son and daughter during the war, with whom he was reunited after his release from 18 months in a British POW camp in The Kwrl selected 21 men and 12 women for work, and killed the remaining members of the transport in the gas chambers.