Lacoste-Inosanto Kali is a system of martial arts developed by Dan Inosanto consisting of many distinct systems of Filipino Martial Arts. Martial arts Medina, martial arts training in Medina Ohio by Filipino Kali. Join us for this special workshop, with Kevin Pinkerton, one of our students, who will share his extensive background in martial arts and as a student under the.

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I walk out of my session feeling refreshed. Just recently she said, “The teachers are so nice. The skills translate well at any age. There has only been a very few select people that has had an influence in innosanto life and I am proud to say Sifu Louis is one of them. I finally decided to research different schools, and different styles of martial arts. Return to top of page. The Louis Kali Combat System is an authentic warrior art with up to date methods of teaching.

All skills are taught in a safe environment regardless of gender, age or skill set. Edan David Delannoy Phone: No katas or forms are required. June 10, By admin.

Dan Inosanto – The Filipino Martial Arts – DVD 3 – (Kali/Arnis/Eskrima) – video dailymotion

Our objective in teaching is to help people improve in health and fitness as well as empower them with effective fighting and practical self-defense skills. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat We are all climbing different paths through the mountain of life, and we have all experienced much hardship and strife. We teach a no-nonsense, comprehensive combat system that is inksanto suited for today’s modern environment.


November 27, By admin. We teach our classes in a way that provide our students individualized attention in a safe and fun learning environment. Stockton, CaliforniaUnited States.

I looked into several schools in Medina and Inodanto counties.

#1 Martial Arts Training – Filipino Martial Arts, Kali

If you have the desire to learn, and better yourself mentally and physically, Sifu Louis, and the rest of the Combat CFMA family will provide you with the tools to achieve that. I am both thankful and humbled to call Sifu Louis my teacher and my friend. Testimonials I took Kenpo in high school, but could not continue after going off to college. Martial Arts Academy Muelheim Schultenhofstr.

In my opinion, there is nowhere else you can experience this type of full spectrum of martial arts training. All you need is consistent attendance and the desire to learn and you will gradually develop into an effective well-rounded fighter in all ranges of combat in both empty hand and weapon.

Way of the Dragon Game of Death. Our Kali Combat System is ihosanto, realistic, and practical.

Please contact us for further information. You will learn striking and grappling, stand up and ground as well as weapon fighting and defense. First, the system that Sifu Louis teaches is perfect for all aspects and ranges of combat. I achieved my black belt this year and have made many friends along the way. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

She is so excited! Demonstrate your commitment by attending on a regular basis and we will work with you on developing real fighting skills that will stay with you for life. As a student, we are trained in all ranges of combat and prepared for multiple attackers.


Dan Inosanto – The Filipino Martial Arts – DVD 3 – (Kali/Arnis/Eskrima)

iali Only 4 more sleeps and then I go to Lil Ninjas! Shawn Zirger Dupont St. Views Read Edit View history. Sifu Louis has taught me not only martial arts and Kali Combat, but also what loyalty, respect, and trust really mean. No martial arts experience or special physical abilities are required. There are many paths through the mountain of life, and some climbs can be felt like the point of a knife.

He is a huge supporter of the law enforcement community and understands inosanro types of combat situations we face.


Additional customized programs can be developed based on request and demand. The principles of the weapon training are being transferred into hand and foot techniques which lead to the Panatukan Philippine boxing. We are all climbing different paths through the mountain of life, and we have all experienced much hardship and strife. The styles he teaches are practical and realistic for all ranges of fighting, including weapons.

So climb your own path true and strong, but respect all other truths for your way for them could be wrong. Some paths are short and others are long, who can say which path is right or wrong? I have been studying under Sifu Louis for over 6 years.