The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@Justine_Klotz): “Bal”. The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@justineklotz). To German mystic, Justine Klotz (), the Lord inspired a similar ejaculation, with special regard for priests: “Jesus, Mary I love You, save priestly souls.

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Let me call out to the whole world: By grace, do not close up, go and meet my priests, admit your mistakes and walk towards the light of salvation. It was the same question I asked heaven: In HIM is anchored the progeny of every century. The Mother was crowned to help you. I am God and man. The sense of brotherhood is getting lost. You can inhale and exhale love. Do you think you can maintain your innocence before me on the day of judgement when you have accumulated all these deaths of unborn children?

Klotz had just seen a vision of unborn children. Not only the door, but the gate too has been thrown wide open to sin.

The Act of Love: a secure way to renewal | The new Act of Love

How many children are killed each day? Place it next to the offerings you intend to make. Who could then remove it?


This is a triumph for the evil one! I can create new, completely different lives for them. It will spread to the world. Whenever the blood of a child is spilt it is a offering to Satan and gives him greater power.

Can you see these children? Or have my words lost their light? If you do not convert you will end up in hell.

The new Act of Love

He who loves saves; he who saves loves! Abortion is the worst sin voluntary abortion, not miscarriages because it is the killing of children in their mothers’ wombs. Wherever grace is established, there Trust is also established. Every soul has my passport and my great promise.

Society for Unborn Children Prophecies of our times about abortion

The Mother disposes of a host of angels which she sends to help her children in the battle. There are different levels. We are under the control of the devil because we are spilling innocent blood! You have no sense of maternal love. I can unite Klorz and Earth; bring the soul to Myself and pervade it throughout.

Not hell is the judge, but I. At first, they appeared to be tiny, but at the moment of transubstantiation they grew to almost normal size. They sing a hymn for the souls, to embellish them with their love. Echo of Mary www.


I showed you how little David went to fight armed kustine a few pebbles; and you have the act of love justkne by one thousand.

Mankind has sunk so deeply that only my mercy can save it. For the time being, secretly. Do not wait any longer, do it now, otherwise it will be too late and your souls will be lost forever. Love alone has overcome death.

Its will is given over completely to the Father who lives in me, and no devil has access to this transformation …. No one can free himself. It is like a down payment for my love, for which I pledge myself without reserve. Open your hearts to the Holy Spirit! Wherever and however these children are killed, they always remain intact mlotz baptism.

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