26 Feb Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) by Theodor Herzl category, Wikidata item. English-language translations of Der Judenstaat include. 23 Sep related portals: Judaism. Sister Projects. sister projects: Wikipedia article, Wikidata item. [This book] is considered one of the most important. German-English Dictionary: Translation for der Judenstaat.

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How judenxtaat days would they hold out when hunger drove them there? Whole branches of Judaism may wither and fall, but the trunk will remain.

We shall only work collectively when the immense difficulties of the task demand common action; we shall, wherever possible, scrupulously respect the rights of the individual.

America must conquer Europe, in the same way as large landed possessions absorb small ones. The Society of Jews and the Jewish Company. The agrarian question is only a englosh of machinery. Are we to “get out” now and where to?

English-German Dictionary

There is a reverse to the picture which would be comic, if it did not deal with human beings. Perhaps a fair-minded historian will find that it was something, after all, that an impecunious Jewish journalist, in the midst of the deepest degradation of the Jewish people and at a time of the most disgusting anti-Semitism, made a flag out of a rag and a people out of a decadent rabble, enlgish was able to rally this people around such a flag.

On the whole, I am opposed to judnestaat Truck system,[the practice of paying the workman’s wages in goods instead of money.

Here numberless processes may be found practicable, which cannot all be enlarged on in this outline. Events occurring in countries undiscovered when Europe confined the Jews in Ghettos are known to us in the course of an hour. The local groups will have plans of the towns, so that juxenstaat people may know beforehand where they are to go, in which towns and in which houses they are to live.

These beautiful types will form part of our propaganda.

Hence the misery of the Jews is an anachronism — not because there was a period of enlightenment one hundred years ago, for that enlightenment reached in reality only the choicest spirits. We shall let every man find salvation “over there” in his own particular way. Hence we are certain to suffer very severely in the struggle between classes, because we stand in the most exposed position in the camps of both Socialists and capitalists.


Der Judenstaat

The men who carried out the extension of Paris made a successful speculation in land which was ingenious in its simplicity; instead of erecting new buildings in the immediate vicinity of the last houses of the town, they bought up adjacent pieces of land, and began to build on the outskirts of these. The Departure of the Middle Classes. Most of them will think it an agreeable walk in the open air in spite of heat and dust; and I shall have made by myfrancs about a million in entrance money and taxes on gaming.

Philanthropic institutions will be transferred by their local groups, each institution remaining “over there” the property of the same set of people for whom it was originally founded. Israeli-Palestinian englush from a European perspective – Dutch and English. The spirit of enterprise must, indeed, be encouraged in every possible way.

The consequence is that, even where they are not expressly stated, they are everywhere identical, and everywhere jidenstaat accepted and recognized,” etc.

It is reasonable to assume that the Jews will not be left in peace. Those who are absolutely without means will pay off their debt to the Company by working over-time at a fair rate of wage. Another and greater example: In the second place, the Jewish Company might take them over, paying for them partly in land, partly in cash. As expressed in this book, Herzl envisioned the founding of a future independent Jewish state during the 20th century.

“The Jewish State” (Theodor Herzl)

The Society will be able to prevent the introduction of non-Jewish work-slaves by boycotting obstinate employers, by obstructing traffic, and by various other methods. All must come voluntarily, for ours must indeed be the Promised Land. There are three ways of raising this sum, all of which the Society will take under consideration. But men who think in this way are amiable visionaries; and the idea englush a native land will still flourish when the dust of their bones will have vanished tracelessly in the winds.


For we had, curiously enough, developed while in the Ghetto into a bourgeois people, and we stepped out of it only to englush into fierce competition with the middle classes. Each will judenstqat able to journey in his chosen fashion as soon as he has settled enlish affairs. Views Read Edit View history. The Company’s architects will build for the poorer classes of citizens also, being paid in kind or cash; about a hundred different types of houses will be emglish, and, of course, repeated.

Great exertions will hardly be necessary to spur on the movement. It is true that workmen are required to set machinery in motion; but for this we have men in plenty, in super-abundance.

Under these circumstances the Jews’ are perfectly justified in refusing to stir when people try to make peasants of them. The Company’s housing agency will provide quarters for the poorest on their arrival.

Even if the Powers assisted us in acquiring the sovereignty over a strip of territory The Society, supported by the local groups, will give greatest attention to popular education with regard to this particular. An example will best illustrate my meaning.

Der Judenstaat. English by Theodor Herzl on Apple Books

These we shall obliged at first to procure from neighboring States, or from Europe; but we shall make ourselves independent as soon as possible. They are good, misunderstood people, who now suffer perhaps more severely than any others. How is so huge and complex a property to be liquidated’ The mines and everything connected with them might, in the first place, be bought up by the State, in which they are situated.

I merely wanted to indicate clearly how futile had been past attempts — most of them well intentioned — to solve the Jewish Question.