I’ve always been surprised how hard it is to find Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanick Exercises” in the public domain. A few years ago I stumbled on a. Mechanick Exercises: Or The Doctrine Of Handy-Works, was written, printed and published as a serial by Joseph Moxon between & and the. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (17th Century English Crafts) MOXON, Joseph. Mechanick Exercises or The Doctrine of Handy-Works. Praeger Publishers.

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Joseph Moxon

His shop at this time was on Ludgate Hill; afterwards, init was ‘on the west side of Fleet Ditch,’ but always ‘at the sign of Atlas. The Use of the Saw in general. Another way to describe the same. The manner of Plaining and Trying a piece of Stuff square.

A few years ago I stumbled on a link from that HathiTrust and totally forgot about it. Of Filing in general. Of Turning Flat Boards.


Between the ages of around 9 and 11, Moxon accompanied his father, James Moxon, to Delft and Rotterdam where he was printing English Bibles.

Of the Brasiers Lathe and Turning Tools; and their manner of using them. The making of Jacks, and Bullet-Molds, the twisting of Iron, and Case-hardning it, with the use of some Tools not treated of before: Of Turning long and slender Work of Ivory. mcehanick

Mechanick exercises, or, The doctrine of handy-works by Joseph Moxon.

Thanks for the pdf and, as always, the great information. Of Twisting of the Iron. Of Carpenters Chissels in general. Storefront Classes Click here to see the current classes we offer. May 14, at 7: Moxon mechanicj the gap between vols.

Mechanick exercises, or, The doctrine of handy-works by Joseph Moxon. This article needs additional citations execises verification. An annotated edition, edited by Harry Carter and Herbert Daviswas published in and reprinted with corrections in The book downloaded without a hitch.


Of Locks and Keys. In this copy, plates are bound-in at the back and the two engraved portraits are wanting. May 14, at 4: What do you charge for a single chair that took six months to build?

Question on plate 5: May 15, at Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Of the Adz, and its use.

Of the Rule marked D in Plate 5. Of the Screw-Plate, and its Taps. Retrieved from ” https: In Novemberhe became the first tradesman to be elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society. The Use mechaanick the Plow. May 14, at 8: