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Transfers from international flight to domestic flight For the domestic flight, please check-in at the Jetstar Japan check-in counter at transit airport. They offer alternative flights only after holidays season, which of course is unreasonable – we all have jobs. Revenue per passenger was JPY 9, up 4. It was too late for the tournament. Retrieved 21 August Again, last Wednesday my princess flew out from Melbourne but the flight was delayed by one hour and 40 minutes.

I booked and paid jrtstar a aisle seat due to an leg injury, and when i got on the flight I was stuck in the middle seat for a 10 hour flight from Hawaii to Sydney, even though they had aisle internationxl available. At Jetstar we never cancel flights on the day of departure for commercial reasons, or when we have not sold enough seats.

Masaru Kataoka was also to take up the role of Chairman.

Email from Jetstar 48 hours notice that the flight was cancelled due to engineering problem. Unfortunately, they delayed our friday night flight to a Sunday 10am flight.

The airline plans to expand its initial fleet of Airbus A aircraft to a total of 24 within the first few years of operation. Archived from the original on That line barely moved and took at least an hour to be able to drop off the bag – which was already labeled. Jetstar cancelled and delayed lots of flights yesterday.


Retrieved on December 25, This reduces total daily departures from Kumamoto from 6 to 5. Told I should have come up the front and complained earlier. Lounge service for domestic flights Lounge service for international flights.

Now go again – crashes half way through booking – rushing and I pick the wrong flight.

Jetstar Complaints | Don’t Fly Jetstar

Unaccompanied children Children under 12 years old is not allowed to internatoonal without a companion. Retrieved 13 April Thank you for contacting Jetstar.

Moral of the story: Initially services will be 3 times per week however before the end of all 3 cities jerstar see daily service to Taipei. Archived from the original on 19 April Retrieved from ” https: Archived from the original on 25 March Retrieved 28 March All you get is a text saying sorry.

Aircraft 25 arriving Spring [49]. Japan portal Companies portal Aviation portal. He said you bag is overweight it needs to be checked in. And after holiday season should be different prices Find out jetstar has the iternational terms and conditions, when they are not accountable for compensation or refund of cancelled flights, even by airplane fault.

Revenue per passenger was JPY 6, up 3. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Jetstar Japan. Desperately in tears my princess called me asking what to do In timetabld case, it left me having to make my own way home to Brisbane from the Gold Coast between 10 pm and The site was playing up at the time and would not register my booking on the first effort unless I booked baggage choice as well.


Retrieved 30 November The quality was that low that it can only improve I hope! When I arrived at the gate they weighed my carryon bag with my handbag and computer.

The head office of Jetstar Japan is in Narita, Chiba. Recieved a cancellation notice on my flught to Adelaide this morning. I left the airport without being able to rebook a flight, or obtain a voucher. We apologise for the unexpected change to your travel plans.

Jetstar Japan

One from Coollangatta to Brisbane and one from Coollangatta to Ballina. Due to sandstorm in Novembermore than 40 flights have been cancelled. They must no want us to eat or drink on their aircraft. Lodged a lost property claim. You can enjoy the lounge service on the same conditions as for JAL international and domestic flight connections.

I had to spend a lot of time on line searching and then on the phone to get a case number, otherwise, so I painfully learned, JetStar would not accept my e-mails. I just hope I get home today as your flights get cancelled for no reason and your staff are so unhelpful that even though I was online getting assistance when my flight was cancelled and I asked to be put on next available flight an hour later they didn’t do this, I then phoned to get this done, quoted another hour later.

You should receive it within 8 business days. Left an item on a a JQ flight on Sunday. Agreed just to get flight now I find that hasn’t happened either so waiting 2 hours later trying to sort this out Jetstar you are appalling.