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This mediation […] is associated with a person or group who proclaims it and initiates it: These citations do not clearly show the unique singularity of the filial relationship of Jesus with the Father; indeed they tend to exclude it.

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Precisely because of the knowledge and experience of the Father which he alone has, even at this moment of darkness he sees clearly the gravity of sin and suffers because of it. Of course there is great value in the efficacious example of Christ, as is mentioned explicitly in the New Testament.

Only in this way can Jesus bring us into divine love. The death of Christ is exemplum and not sacramentum gift. Of course there is great value in the efficacious example of Christ, as is mentioned explicitly in the Jesucristo liberador jon sobrino Testament. However, this Christology is in no way compatible with the teaching of the Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon on the unity of the person in two natures.


This is what is indicated in the Gospel texts cited above. Read more Lbierador less. In a literal reading of these passages, Father Sobrino reflects the so-called theology of the homo assumptuswhich is incompatible jesucristo liberador jon sobrino the Catholic faith which affirms the unity of the person of Jesus Christ in two natures, divine and jesucristo liberador jon sobrino, according to the formulations of the Council of Ephesus, [7] and above all libeador the Council of Sobgino which said: The Council of Trent, in its Decree on Justification, states: Coleccion Estructuras y Procesos Paperback: The relationship between Jesus and God is not correctly expressed by saying Jesus was a believer like us.


If Jesus were a believer like ourselves, albeit in an exemplary manner, he would not be able to be the true Revealer showing us the face of the Father. Published by Editorial Trotta, S. The fact that this term was not used does not mean that the divinity of Jesus was not affirmed in the strict sense, contrary to what the Author seems to imply.

According to the Author, the liberacor of Jesus as mediator cannot be slbrino, but must be contemplated jesucristo liberador jon sobrino his relatedness to the Kingdom of God, which is apparently considered to be something distinct from Jesus himself:. Our BookSleuth is specially designed for you. It is not clear that the Son is Jesus and that Jesus is the Son. For this reason, it was decided to publish this Notificationin order jesucriwto offer the faithful a secure criterion, founded upon the doctrine of the Church, by which to judge the affirmations contained in these books or in other publications of the Author.

The Divinity jesucristo liberador jon sobrino Jesus Christ 4.

AAS 93 On the other hand, the singularity and the unicity of the mediation of Christ has always been affirmed by the Church. In this sense we can and must say, according to faith, that the definitive, ultimate, and eschatological mediator of the Kingdom of God has already appeared: Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Jeshcristo 7. Theology arises from obedience to the impulse of truth which seeks to be communicated, and from the love that desires to know ever better the One who loves — God himself – whose goodness we have jwsucristo in the act of faith.

But later he affirms that there is in liberadoor no data to suggest that Jesus granted an absolute transcendent sense to his own death. The Second Vatican Council teaches: The sections below will treat these specific questions.


Thus the truth revealed by God himself in Jesus Christ, and transmitted by the Church, constitutes the ultimate normative principle of theology. The filial and messianic consciousness of Jesus is the direct consequence of his ontology as Son of God made man. The relationship between Jesus and God is not correctly expressed by saying Jesus was a believer jesucriso us.

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On the contrary, it is precisely the intimacy and the direct and immediate knowledge which he has of the Father that allows Jesus to reveal to men the mystery of divine love.

AAS 43; DH Only starting from ecclesial faith, in communion with the Magisterium, can the theologian acquire a deeper understanding of the Word of God contained in Scripture and transmitted by the living Tradition of the Church. By virtue of this possibility, the Council of Ephesus has already defined that Mary was Theotokos: Father Sobrino advances a peculiar view of liberadod relationship between Jesus and the Kingdom of Xobrino.

But, in these cited passages, Jesus and the Kingdom are distinguished in a way that the link between them is deprived of its unique and particular sobrlno. It was determined that, although the author had modified his thought somewhat on several points, the Jesucrieto did not prove satisfactory since, in substance, the errors already cited in the list of erroneous propositions still remained in this text.

Jesucristo liberador jon sobrino there is no foundation jesucristo liberador jon sobrino calling these formulas dangerous, sobrio they are authentic interpretations of Revelation.

In particular, the New Testament affirmations concerning the divinity of Christ, his filial consciousness and the salvific value of his death, do not sobrno fact always receive the attention due them.