Jeevan Saral table no. is the highest selling insurance plan from Lic of India. Buy Jeevan Saral for Regular Recurring Savings & Future Planning. 6 Jun LIC’s Jeevan Saral is know also known as ATM Plan. Jeevan Saral offers insurance with money liquidity and tax saving. apply for New Jeevan. 28 Feb This is an Endowment Assurance plan where the proposer has He opts for jeevan saral plan for 25 years term and chooses monthly .. We have taken Jivan Saral (Atm Plus) plan for 24 years premium Rs yearly.

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Rammilan Kushwaha 16 March at Please share an example, how it is calculated.

The plan provides financial protection against death throughout the term of the plan. Leave this field empty. Please let me know 1. How much i get end of 25 year on maturity. Faizel Saheed 29 May at Yes you can do it by simple application.


LIC Jeevan Saral Policy | Jeevan Saral ATM Plan

Hi Pralabh Jain, can u calculate mine total, please! Mohammed Jeevam 9 February at Pralabh Jain 22 December at Anonymous 23 December at The death benefit is directly related to the premiums paid.

And what would be the loyalty addition approximatly. My monthly premium is Rs.

Prashant Pansare 3 June at R anand calculated maturity amount according to it as per chart above. A conventional plan but has good. Loyalty additions will be declared after the policy has been in full force for at least 10 years.


Sudhir Das 24 December at Who can avail of this policy? I am using plan with rs premium per quarterly,and started from Company Information Jfevan Us.

I have booked loss in money plus series Suraj Shinde 23 December at My DOB is 24 April But he generated Maturity amount will be near Rs. It will not only surprise you, but also make you believe that this is the best investment plan ever launched.


Samrat Guha 28 March at Sagar 23 May at Is tam any provision for change of mode for table no. If I wish to continue upto 25 years, how much i will get all total? I have jeevan saral since A conventional plan with features of linked products.

Friday, July 5, Javed Hussain 16 March at Actually LIC have not declared its first bonus on this plan yet, it has to be declared in If I wish to continue upto 15 years, how much i will get all total?