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Find great deals for Pair JBL Professional Series Alnico Drivers 16 Ohm 2 Inch Throat. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The JBL is a professional quality mid and high frequency transducer designed for use in music and sound reinforcement applications requiring high. I am planing to build a pair of 4 ways speakers using or compression drivers. Which one sound better? cost alot more but is it.

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I am planing to build a pair of 4 ways speakers using or compression drivers. Which one sound better? The is the same jbo as the JBL The JBL model does command a higher price as it is sought after by collectors as well as those who are not well informed.

As Giskard said, the and it’s pro variant the and the and it’s pro variant the are the same item with only the diaphragms being different. The s with factory seals intact go for the highest amount, but the irony is that for the listener as opposed to the 24441 the original diaphragm is truly irrelevant as you probably should replace the diaphragm in any driver that is twenty to thirty or more 241 old!

They will continue to play, but the distortion increases as the diaphragm ages. If you are a collector as has already been said, then the is the most vintage, in terms of collectability and value! Last edited by scott fitlin; at Isn’t a with a diaph. But, I have 2 ,s and six ,s! We purchased the ,s new in !


I got the two 40,s with a pair of lenses out of West point! The 40,s had the original 40 diaphragms, and I didnt care for them as much as jbbl 41,s so I replaced their phragms with 41,s!

JBL Compression Driver

The 41 phragms dropped jb, into the 40 gap with no problem, real easy. My 41,s you have to slightly push the prhagms down, and it seems that the gap is tighter! The 41 diaphragm in the 40 driver sounds great, and it sounds slightly different from my original 41,s! I think the gap may be slightly different on both drivers, but Im not really sure!

But conversely, the 40 phragm was a more snug fit in the 41 driver as well!

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I tried that too! The 40 phragm just drops right into the 40,s gap! I know the gap on both are supposed to be the same, but it doesnt feel like they are. Maybe the positioning dowels, if the coil rubbed You would hear it.

Both work perfectly, but the 41 feels like a more snug gap! The 40 sounded really good with the 41 diaphragm as well! Very open, and transparent. I dont care for the 40 diaphragm in either driver, I feel it has a more high pitched tonality!

The 40 drivers with 41 phragms are what Ill use at home when I get Widgets wood horns! They will be powered by a vintage Ubl MC The has a much more extended top end above 10k. If you use a tweeter, the differences might not be heard at all.


If you have no tweeter above the 2″ driver, the is MUCH better. Without a tweeter, a or does not sound very good.

I think the primary difference between the alnico drivers jgl the ferrite is weight and of course their diaphragms. Meyer Sound used to use modified s in their bigger systems. When JBL stopped producing the alnico motors on a large scale Meyer went to the and replaced the titanium diaphragm with the aluminum one.

They preferred the aluminum’s sound quality and lower distortion. Their main complaint about the was it’s heft. Since it uses the less efficient ferrite material it has to weigh significantly more. For pro applications where you are flying systems and bouncing them around the 2441 the extra weight is an inconvenience and it places more of a strain on your horn if it isn’t fully supported by the cabinet.

The has 24441 newly designed phase plug. It probably affects it’s sound.

Pair JBL 2441 Professional Series Alnico Drivers 16 Ohm 2 Inch Throat

I have no experience with this driver. I was looking in the specs on those drivers and it seems that the gauss spec is lower on the driver.

Does anyone know why jbl lowered it on the ??? By tv in forum Lansing Product Technical Help. All times are GMT The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.