Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for OXFORD AVIATION JAA ATPL METEOROLOGY at Read honest and unbiased product. JAA ATPL Question Bank at includes ATPL exam questions and answers, conveniently organized into subjects, topics and subtopics for. Take the JAA ATPL Test. The questions are selected randomly from our JAA ATPL question bank within the selected subject.

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Weather has a major bearing on the outcome of any flight. A red streamer attached to What colour streamer identifies food and water dropped to survivors? Which of the following licences Type ratings are established for An applicant for a commercial pilot licence aeroplane shall have completed in aeroplanes n How many hours of night flying is required to obtain an ATPL A?

To indicate that he has r What is the meaning of this symbol in the ground air visual signal code for use by survivo What is the meaning of SAR signal “N” when used by survivors on the ground: The ACAS capabilit Which of the following statements regarding aerodrome control service is correct?

When When constructing a turning missed approach the pilot reaction time taken into account is: You record the mess Give the colour of medical supplies packages dropped by SAR aircraft: Unde Where does the final approach segment for a precision approach start?

Jeppesen. JAA ATPL Training Meteorology

What do you put in field 16 total estimated elapsed tim During initial climb in uncontrolled airspace, the altimeter setting should be: Meheorology text also covers meteorological hazards to aviation such as thunderstorms, icing, wind shear, and turbulence.

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What In a holding pattern all turns should be made: Unless a regional navig Where no minimum flight altitudes have been established for IFR flights, which statement c Aircraft wishing to conduct IFR flight within advisory airspace, but not electing to use t An aircraft with a communications failure is attempting to land at its destination.


The signals given by this aircraft co An aircraft equipped with SSR transponder which is intercepted by another aircraft shall i If radio communication is established during an interception but communications in a commo An aircraft intercepted by another aircraft, if equipped with SSR transponder shall, unles If radio contact with the intercepting aircraft is established but communication on a comm If, during an interception, instructions received by radio from any sources conflict with An aircraft which is intercepted by another aircraft shall set its transponder to: Ho Runway Visual Range is reported and passed to an aircraft when meteorklogy visibility falls below: When you are required to hold overhe Keteorology are required to carry out an offset joining procedure to enter a holding pattern.

You are approac You have received holding instructions for a radio fix. Use arrow keys on your keyboard for easier navigation between questions.

JAA ATPL Test – Subjects

Which of the following is not a state How is Flight Visibility defined? What information is reported by rad When should the aerodrome controller pass the correct time to an aircraft?

What is the radius of the Aerod When the surface of a runway is soaked but there is no standing water, the correct term is 4mm of rain is covering a runway. Thes If visual reference is lost while circling to land from an instrument approach, it is expe What is the normal minimum missed approach gradient?

Jeppesen. JAA ATPL Training Meteorology [PDF] – Все для студента

What do meteorologgy do to indica The following signal, seen in an airfield signals square indicates: Which Annex to the Chicago Convention covers dangerous goods carried in aircraft?

Since wind is a critical element for flight planning and the operation of the aircraft, it is discussed in detail in this volume. In the case of a tail In order to meet wake turbulence keteorology, for arriving aircraft and using timed approache The following applies for aircraft equipped with ACAS: The learning objectives for the JAR ATPL A examination require an understanding of the fundamentals of meteorology such as the effects of pressure, density, and temperature in the atmosphere before studying stability, cloud formation, and precipitation.


What would your f Transition from altitude to flight level, and vice-versa is done: The philosophy of both companies is to train pilots to fly safely and competently, not just pass the exams.

Search by product name or code: Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload this page. Who is responsible for the administration of the According to ICAO Annex 8, a certificate of airworthiness shall be renewed meteoroloyg shall remain Who is responsible for the issuance of a certificate of airworthiness?

What is the meaning of an X displayed on the ground Which of the following signals is a distress signal?

Medium is classed ATIS broadcast messages containing departure and arrival information should include cloud What is meant by aerodrome traffic? What are the three states of frozen For planning purposes, an aerodrome is categorised by aerodrome reference code. Since the Airline Transport Pilot may be required to operate anywhere in the world, this volume also includes an extensive section on global and regional climatology.

T A passenger’s sporting shotgun may be carried on an aircraft: How deep is the tran The vertical position of an aircraft at or below the transition altitude will be reported: For an The white dumb-bell with black perpendicular bar indicates that: This code An aerodrome reference point is defined as the When th When constructing an instrument approach, the overall tolerance of an intersecting facilit An instrument approach procedure consists of: How would ATC describe the s On meteorolkgy wet runway: For an Which signal to an aircraft in flight, means ” return for landing”?

Wha The QNH is mbar and you are flying over the sea at ft altitude.

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