A map of IUPUI and a list of building on campus. There are seven walking trails on campus that can be found at under. Magnetic Resonance (Riley). RI. West Dr. Mary Cable Bldg. SI. N. Blackford St. Medical Research Facility. MF. W. Walnut St. Medical. E. D. C. B. A. E. D. C. B. A. H. H. H. N. E. S. W. miles. ( yards). POLICE. White River. Fall Creek.

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Indianapolis, IN phone: IUPUI is the first Indiana University campus to unveil its new digital version, but other campuses will soon be added to the list.

A big advantage was that the CampusBird product was mobile responsive, which would solve the problem of two different maps. The new map also features:. IU Communications, University Information Technology Services and other partners have provided a new tool that should fit the bill: Parking and Transportation Services provides disabled parking permits for people with permanent or temporary disabilities, as well as information about the most accessible parking areas and campus shuttles.


AES assists with a broad range of services and is responsible for determining reasonable academic accommodations for students with both physical and learning disabilities. If you are a student requiring accommodations, you should contact AES.

Also, the new map is based on Google Maps technology, so it has some of the same features that Google Maps offers, such as satellite view and street view.

Along came CampusBirda company that specializes in campus and university maps. The partners began exploring an updated digital version inwhen IU Communications was maintaining a desktop version of the interactive map and UITS was maintaining a mobile version. Questions or feedback about the new campus map can be directed to mapiu iu.

Indianapolis, IN permits iupui. The ADA Coordinator has overall responsibility for coordinating the efforts of the University to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA and investigating cxmpus complaints regarding the same.

Campus Map : IUPUI

Indianapolis, IN Telephone: The new camups map comes with the usual overview of IUPUI, but it comes equipped with several new features, with more changes expected in the future.


The Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers ATAC serves Indiana University students, faculty and staff with and without disabilities by providing access to specialized assistive technologies that help with reading, writing, studying, and information access.

Privacy Notice Accessibility Help.