Download file, دانلود کتاب, Current Legal Issues, A Code of Practice For. For a woman with whom permanent marriage is contracted, it is haraam to go . Islamic Laws – Khums» Introduction.

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June 13, – Through his representative, Sistani appeals to his followers to join the security forces in fighting ISIS militants. It is not permissible for the husband to abandon sexual intercourse with his youthful, permanent wife for more than 4 months, except when sexual intercourse is harmful to him, or involves unusually more effort, or when the wife herself agrees to avoid it, or if a prior stipulation to that effect was made at the time of Nikah by the husband.

August- Fighting engulfs the city of Najaf. Says the new government lacks “legitimacy of elections” and does not represent “in an acceptable manner all segments of Iraqi society and political forces. February 13, – The results of Iraq’s January 30,election are released.

Thereafter, the part between the anus and the root of penis should be pressed thrice, with the mid dle finger of the left hand. If the husband who is responsible for the wife’s maintenance, does not provide her the same, she can draw her expenses from his property without his permission. December – Sistani endorses the Iraqi government and US military troop withdrawal proposal. However, if he doubts whe ther sisttani performed the Istibra correctly or not, and a liquid is discharged about which he is not sure whether it is Pak or not, sistaji liquid will be Pak, and it will not invalidate the Wudhu.

But this verdict is a matter of Ishkal.

The Official Website of the Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani

During Saddam Hussein’s regime, Sistani was under house arrest for many years. Al-Sistani has written many books and treatises on Islamic law and life. Nevertheless, it is hoped that this government will prove its efficiency and integrity and show resolve to carry out the enormous tasks that rest on its shoulders.

Chewing food to feed a child or a bird and tasting food islaic.

June 3, – Sistani endorses the new Iraqi government. Istibra is not meant for women, and sistaani she sees any liquid and she doubts whether it is urine, that liquid is Pak, and it will not invalidate Wudhu and Ghusl.

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Fast Facts

It is called ‘Wazi’. Ayaullah a man, for example, has two wives and spends one night with one of them, it is obligatory on him to spend anyone of four nights with the other as well; in situation other than this, it is not obligatory on a man to stay with his wife.


Total number of children unavailable publicly.

If a person doubts whether he has performed Istibra or not, and then discharges a liquid about which he is not sure whether it is Pak or not, that liquid is will be deemed najis, and if he has performed Wudhu it becomes void.

A person cannot abandon fast on account of weakness. Istibra is a recommended act for men after urinating. If a person eats or drinks something intentionally, while being conscious of fasting, his fast becomes void, irrespective of whether the thing which he ate or drank was usually eaten or drunk for example bread with water or not for example earth or the juice of a tree and whether it is more or less; even islamiv a person, who is fasting, takes the tooth brush Miswak out of his mouth and then puts it back into alws mouth, swallowing its liquid, his fast will be void, unless the moisture in the tooth brush mixes up with the saliva in such a way that it may no longer be called an external wetness.

Sistani’s United Iraqi Alliance comes in first, with more than four million votes.

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Fast Facts – CNN

If he has Wudhu, it will be valid. Man has no right to compel his wife to render household services. July 13, – As protests bh across southern Iraq over a lack of jobs and government services, Sistani urges authorities to address the complaints, but also calls for peaceful protests.

Before his return he asks all Iraqis to “march to Najaf in order to rescue the city. If a person observing fast intentionally swallows something which remained in between his syatullah, his fast is invalidated. Sistani issues his second political fatwa, urging the Iraqi people to remain neutral and not to interfere with the US forces.

And as long as she does not fail in her duties, it is obligatory on the husband to provide for her food, clothes and housing.

But the fares for travel by car or by air etc. Of course, it is necessary that he should not totally forsake living with the wife. If a person performs Istibra after urinating, and ayautllah discharges liquid doubting whether is,amic is urine, or one of the above mentioned three liquids, that liquid is Pak.

Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: It is Pak, and so is the liquid which is seen after ejaculation. March – Sistani issues a fatwa prohibiting shedding Iraqi blood, particularly Sunni blood.


Books – The Official Website of the Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani

As regards temporary marriage, however, if Mahr is not fixed the marriage is void. However, his fast becomes invalid, and if it is the month of Ramadhan, as an obligatory precaution, he should not drink more than that, and then for the rest of the day, refrain from all acts which would invalidate the fast.

If a person observing fast becomes so thirsty that he fears that he may die of thirst or sustain some harm or extreme hardship, he can drink as much water as would ensure that the fear is averted.

If Jslamic is not fixed in a permanent marriage, the marriage is in order. For a woman with whom permanent marriage is contracted, islaamic is haraam to go out of the house without the permission of her husband, though her leaving may not violate the rights of the husband.

If while eating and drinking, a person realises that it is Fajr, he should throw the food out of his mouth, and if he swallows it intentionally, his fast is void, and according to the rules which will be mentioned later, it also becomes obligatory on him to give Kaffarah. However, if his weakness is to such an extent that fasting becomes totally unbearable, there is no harm islamix breaking the fast.

If at the time of Nikah for permanent marriage, no time is fixed for paying Mahr, the wife can prevent her husband from having sexual intercourse with her before receiving Mahr, irrespective of whether the husband is or is not able to pay it.

August 26, – Arrives at ayatulkah home in Najaf, where he and Sadr reach an agreement to put an end to the violence in the region.

Swallowing saliva does not invalidate a fast, although it may have collected in one’s mouth owing to thoughts about sour things etc.

But if she once agrees to have sexual intercourse before taking Mahr, and her husband has sexual intercourse with her, then she cannot prevent him afterwards from having sexual intercourse without a justifiable excuse.