Excerpt from new book by Irvin Yalom on dealing with death anxiety. Sage advice for therapists and others in facing the ultimate existential concern. PsycCRITIQUES, Positive existential psychotherapy and pathways to death acceptance. Staring at the sun: Overcoming the terror of death. By Irvin D. Yalom. Over the past quarter century Irvin Yalom has established himself as the world’s leading group psychotherapist. In STARING AT THE SUN.

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Albert Ellis, who created Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy REBTbelieved that anger, anxiety and depression are not only unnecessary, they’re unethical, because when we allow ourselves to become emotionally upset, we’re being unfair and unjust to ourselves. Return to Book Page. Contains six absorbing case studies which reveal the intricacies our psychological landscapes.

Yalom has made a career of investigating the lives of others.

Staring at the Sun Quotes

But it comes with a costly price: Attention is also paid to difficulties that often come hand in hand with lack of self-confidence such as anxiety, depression, substance use and anger. Log In Members Login. The book is aimed at anyone wanting to enhance their life skills, and character stories are used to demonstrate the spectrum of how they might be employed. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Whether you’re a clinician looking for in-depth training and better treatment outcomes for individual clients, a student seeking a better understanding of this powerful modality, or anyone interested in contextual behavioral science, this second edition provides a comprehensive revision to an important ACT resource.


At age 70 and facing his own fear of death, which he discusses in a special afterword, Dr Yalom tackles his toughest subject yet and finds it to be the root cause of patients’ fears, stresses and depression.

The Dry by Jane Harper. World renowned therapist Dr. You’ll also find up-to-the minute information on process coaching, new experiential exercises, an increased focus on functional analysis, and downloadable extras that include role played examples of the core ACT processes in action.

He continues to run his clinical practice and lectures widely. The ACT approach also teaches that it’s a normal part of being human to have thoughts and feelings that are unpleasant and the most important thing is to respond effectively when these kinds of experiences arise.

It should give comfort to the dying and to those they leave behind. Yalom recounts his revolutionary work in group psychotherapy stzring how he became the foremost practitioner of existential psychotherapy, a method that draws on the wisdom of great satring over the ages. The power of these stories is amplified by Yalom’s reflections on his own life as he reckons with its inevitable end.

Why grapple with the most terrible, the darkest and most unchangeable aspect of life? Feeling bad can actually lead to feeling better, faster!

Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? This second edition of the pioneering ACT skills-training manual for clinicians provides a comprehensive update-essential for both experienced practitioners and those new to using ACT and its applications.

It itches all the time; it is always with us, scratching at some inner door, whirring softly, barely audibly, just under the membrane of consciousness. It is told through Jahren’s remarkable stories: If therapists are to deliver ‘the gift of therapy’, they must confront the realities of life for themselves and their practice, as must we all.


Staring At The Sun : Irvin D. Yalom :

When the seer Anka spirits you away to the world of Here, you find yourself proclaimed the Chosen One – the hero everyone is relying on to defeat the evil sorceress Mallena before she destroys everything. If you choose to accept this quest, you will have an opportunity to learn the skills that you need and put together a crew of loyal friends and companions to help you with your journey.

This classic book teaches you how to: It will also be a campaigning book, encouraging more conversations and better support for those who have been affected by miscarriage. By learning to accept and embrace rather than suppress difficult feelings, readers keep their sense of personal power and gain greater understanding and ultimately esteem for themselves.

Overcoming the Terror of Death. What can we do to lead meaningful lives? Visceral, intimate, gloriously candid and sometimes extremely funny, Jahren’s descriptions of her work, her intense relationship with the plants, seeds and soil she studies, and her insights on nature enliven every page of this thrilling book.

It’s tempting to turn away from menacing, uncomfortable feelings like anger, grief, or regret; but ignoring them makes them fester and linger.