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What is article data? In each panel, the red solid line is the expected line center based on the SDSS optical redshift, while the dashed and dotted blue vertical lines are the measured CO line center and width, respectively.

A detailed description of this table’s contents is given in Section 2. More details will be presented in A. This study is also based on observations collected at the European Southern Observatory, Chile proposal no.

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These corrections, based on the technique described in Section 2. Original content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3. When measurements are made within the same aperture, there are very few galaxy-to-galaxy variations in the integrated r 21 ratio.

Shown are the igam galaxies from Table 4 with detections of the CO 2—1 line. The redshift range of each survey is such that all sources could be observed with a single frequency tuning.

If the AGN-driven molecular outflows are indeed an important quenching agent, then we would expect a negative correlation between AGN activity and the molecular gas content of galaxies.

The method presented in Saintonge et al. A very exciting recent turn of events in the field of star formation studies is the realization that the systematic variations in star formation efficiency across the galaxy population first revealed by COLD GASS trickle down to 2726 scales.


Molecular gas mass fraction as a function of stellar mass, stellar mass surface density, NUV— r color, and specific 22766. Simulations by Wolter et al.

They report central gas fractions and star formation efficiencies that are similar between active and matched control inactive galaxies, which suggests that nuclear radiation does not couple efficiently with the surrounding molecular gas. The concentration index can be regarded as a proxy for the bulge-to-disk ratio Weinmann et al.

The final datacube was resampled onto a grid with 1 arcsec spatial pixels spaxels corresponding to pc. The range of scales involved in this gas cycle is enormous: Evidence for this fundamental link between black hole and galaxy growth includes the remarkable similarity between the redshift evolution of star formation activity i.

Ram pressure, as another external force, is known for quenching SF, particularly in dwarf galaxies Steinhauser et al. The one simulation shown in Figure 13 that does the best at reproducing both molecular and atomic gas fraction scaling relations over the entire stellar mass range probed by xCOLD GASS is that of Popping et al.

There is a direct link between this scaling of with and the shape of the main irma in the SFR— plane. When the precipitable water level was particularly 276, we favored the redder galaxies predicted to be CO faint in order to achieve rms sensitivities of 0.

Its membership of about 7, individuals also includes physicists, mathematicians, geologists, engineers, and others whose research and educational interests lie within the broad spectrum of subjects comprising contemporary astronomy. Distribution of the “Spring” component of the lram in the redshift—right ascension plane top and as projected on the sky bottom. Since the integration times were set by the requirements to detect the CO 1—0 line, the depth of these observations is variable, as these frequencies are far more susceptible to elevated levels of atmospheric water vapor.


For the analysis in this paper, we use a version of the cube that has been smoothed to 2 7 resolution using idam Gaussian convolution kernel. While strongthe correlation is weaker with NUV— r color; unlike SSFR, this quantity is not corrected for dust extinction, showing how molecular gas and dust-obscured star formation are strongly linked.

At higher redshifts, it is more common to observe higher- J transitions of this same molecule, as, for example, lines such as CO 2—1 and CO 227 into the 3 mm atmospheric window at andrespectively. The middle and right panels present data from NGC ‘s entire disk blue and orange crosses for different metallicity rangesthe midstage merger VV Saito et al.

The high ram pressure acting on NGC is linked to the unusually high irm of the group’s intergalactic medium Mulchaey et al.

xCOLD GASS: The Complete IRAM 30 m Legacy Survey of Molecular Gas for Galaxy Evolution Studies

Higher values still of are usually reported for the nuclei of galaxies e. However, if focusing only on the Seyfert subsample, the test reveals that they are indistinguishable from the matched inactive control sample in terms of molecular gas fraction, though with only a handful of Seyferts in the xCOLD GASS sample, the statistics are poor.

Galaxies with are considered to have a significant stellar bulge. Distribution of the “Fall” component of the 2267 in the redshift—right ascension plane top and as projected on the sky bottom. We note that we do not attempt here to correct for the contribution of galaxies withand therefore we produce an LF that accounts for the contributions of galaxies more massive that 10 9.