Interplater hd85 thermal pdf. Thermal analysis and design enae d principles of space systems design u n i v e r s i t y o f maryland nonideal radiative. Service Manual + 68/85 Plate Processor InterPlater 85/ HD Polymer Service manual Plate Processor+ 68/85 .. Cleaning of developer heating element. Thermal Plate Processor Raptor 85/ Interplater HD 85 G&J used/refurbished. Glunz Jensen Interplater Plate Processor Model Perfect Condition.

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The troubleshooting guide is divided into two sections: A-6 Low voltage wiring. Throughout the manual notes, cautions, and warnings are written in bold like the example below: The rubber rollers 8 at the developer section entrance always run dry to ensure a homogeneous development. A-4 24V DC distribution. Introduction about this manual general this manual covers the spare parts for the platewritertm system.

The exit table is mounted from the factory and prepared for slanted position A. Time replenishment The time replenishment system adds fresh developer or replenish concentrate to the developer section to compensate for lost activity caused by oxidation and evaporation.

hhermal Setter interfaces If the processor is installed as an online system, you should now install the setter interface as described in the Interface Manual. The installation procedure is described later in this manual.

To facilitate this a Preventive Maintenance Program has been developed, consisting of a number of relevant service-parts to be replaced at specific service intervals.

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Noise emission Acoustical noise according to ISO X3,B to F10,5 Orange: Electrical diagrams This chapter includes all electrical diagrams for the processor. Electrical Refer to the electrical diagrams in the back of this manual. Installation hours for off-line machine: Also be aware that the processor’s heaters and motors will be in operation during the initial startup if you have overridden the machine’s safety functions.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Labels with roller configuration T Mounting of rollers Inside the top cover is mounted a label showing the roller configuration. Do not let is slip down behind the rear panel. As shown in the figure below the hose inferplater be connected between the water tap and the water inlet solenoid valve located to the left, when standing in front intdrplater the processor, underneath the processor.

For personal protection Lint-free cloth, sponge and soft brush. The exit roller pair 21 takes the plate when dry and leads it out of the processor.

Interplater hd85 135 thermal pdf

The gum section contains one roller pair 18 and a smaller roller 19 situated close to the upper roller. Special recommendations As some chemicals may require special cleaning agents, contact your chemicals supplier for recommendations about cleaning agents for your processor.

It is necessary to control the level at the preheat also and adjust if necessary Check leveling in all 4 positions and make final leveling if required. Select NO otherwise the system will start replenishing based on how many hours the machine has been switch off since the machine has been packed.

Make sure that the developer drain stand pipe 1355 closed see illustration.

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Move the exit guide a little upwards and mount the 4 screws in the lower holes of the guide 6. Standard installation hours for on-line machine: A1 Main power distribution. Set developer intedplater speed according to recommendations from the plate manufacturer. Processor must stop when the switch is deactivated. The parameters to be configured are: If the processor is equipped with a wash water recirculation system the wash thermsl will fill up automatically when the processor is switched into stand-by mode.


E this barrier is designed with strong 3hour performance in a moderate temperature range for powder paint.

Install the rollers as shown on the label. Thermal analysis and design enae d principles of space systems design u n i v e r s i t y o f maryland nonideal radiative equilibrium temp assume a spherical body of radius r heat in due to intercepted solar flux heat out due to radiation from total surface area.

Connect conductors in power cord to terminals: The roller 5 makes sure of proper contact between brush and 13. In the wash section the plate is washed on both sides by means of the spray tubes 13 and brushed on the upper side by means of the brush 14 optional. Conveyor connection Not all models accessory equipment. For more information about the cooling unit please consult the cooler unit manual.

Make sure the fenders are properly secured with 2 screws each. B9″ to gum replenishment container 2. Follow the description below when mounting the supports for position A.