Buy Infocus ScreenPlay Like New: Video Projectors – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. InFocus’s Screenplay home theater projector, is almost certainly the most widely owned entry level home theater projector out there. First thing to note, is that the Screenplay comes out of the box with This is a side by side of the InFocus Screenplay projector – on.

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This is because the percentage of stimulus, i. One of the factors that, no doubt, make the affordable is its WVGA resolution, x, or p. Focus and zoom are adjustable via rotating rings on the lens itself. InFocus pride themselves on having their HT projectors properly set up for D65, and seeing is believing. My next projector will be an L. If you are looking to buy your first projector and not spend a lot of money then buy this one!

InFocus ScreenPlay SP DLP Projector | eBay

Specifications of interest for the include a contrast ratio of The lighted remote control is simple, with just enough buttons to do the job, like toggling inputs, switching aspect ratios, picture modes, or navigating the on-screen menu system. I watched the for several weeks and never once felt the need to revert to my reference projector, or one of the other projectors to which I have access.

The also has audio inputs and a 2. InFocus has obviously used their experience to produce a line of excellent 16×9 DLP-based projectors that directly target the HT market. If you are looking for a cheap way to make your xbox or PS3 go really BIG screen then buy this projector! Skip to main content.

Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. I like high-resolution images.

But I could see a slight red tinge with an IRE 10 window. It is a real treat to find such a complete a menu system in an entry-level projector. Several DLP projectors I have measured, including some costing considerably more than thetend to have elevated light output at the lowest IRE level, perhaps to avoid obvious dithering artifacts.


I LOVE my ! This projector has a better picture than ones costing times as much. Gamma Tracking The other thing we can measure is Gamma Tracking, or how the infocuus output of the projector responds to the input signal. So, it’s definitely paid for itself within just a couple of viewings. The same actually applies to DVD players set up for a black level of IRE 0, the percentage of stimulus is again roughly 2.

This should not be an issue as long as you can place the projector at a suitable height relative to the screen. The setup was simple, the directions for use very clear and the projection quality is infoocus. The Gamma Tracking graph shows the combined light intensity at the various IRE levels relative to a theoretical level.

When I evaluate a projector, I not only look at images, I measure the color balance of the projector at various light intensity levels and determine the quality of what is called Grayscale Tracking. See details for description of any imperfections.

Most relevant reviews See all 12 reviews. I am not desirous of upgrading.

Not so with theits Gamma Tracking was excellent right down to the lowest levels. Please explain the problem you are having. Game enthusiasts love using the InFocus ScreenPlay with their video game systems because the it projects super-sized characters that make the experience come to life in a way not possible with a television or other smaller display devices.

The pan nifocus from the building was fine, the leaves showed a bit of twitter typicaland the waving US flag looked great with no sign of jaggies. The other thing we can measure is Gamma Tracking, or how the light output of the projector responds to the input signal.

InFocus SP 4805 Projector

Using an empty wall and a white sheet, until we get a screen, we can view a dvd or anything on cable TV as if we had a very large TV. If the projector’s Gamma Tracking is off, then details in the image will either be lost, or the image may look flat and have little contrast. In the Gamma Tracking graph above, we can see that the has inflcus accurate tracking that is well described with an overall gamma of 2. Thus, it is the percent stimulus that needs to be taken into consideration when plotting gamma tracking rather than the nominal IRE levels.


About this product Product Information The InFocus ScreenPlay is a great addition to a home entertainment solution because it connects into nearly any home-electronics device including: I could have paid thousands of dollars for a infous TV and not had half as much screen or imfocus. Sure, I could see SDE in brighter scenes, or white lettering, pretty easily invocus, but that really didn’t keep me from getting involved in the image the way I thought it might.

When this one goes bad They really are not made for constant useon average you can get 3,ooo hours of screen time before replaceing one. Since the allowed the Color Temperature to be set directly to K, that is where I started.

While for my own use, I’d spend the extra dollars and get a projector with higher resolution InFocus offers those as wellthe is a remarkable achievement and an excellent value. The About Menu tells the user about lamp usage, current source, and software versions. That being saidit is one of the best camera’s for the money around. If you feel you may be sensitive to seeing rainbows with DLP-based projectorscheck it out before you buy.