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incorporre At this point, our research permits us to claim that we have identified instances and classes of authoring acts in the FCOM domain. Third, DR can be used to facilitate maintenance of the artifact because the availability of information about reasons for design choices often makes revision easier.

The lesson of Lord Scrooop and the other traitors is that geography and its accompanying physiology are accidents of nationhood which are meaningless without commitment.

Memora que, como illo es un projecto multilingue, le categorias debe esser indicate in anglese.

My thanks to Pascal Clottes for the Dekker reference. We show how this model can be used in the case of documentation of procedures for commercial aircraft. One example of the kind of ambiguity we seek to eliminate involves the unusual use of carriage returns.

In short, DR can be viewed as a kind of organizational memory for know-how. The Duke cannot deny the course of law; For the commodity that strangers have With us in Venice, if it be denied, Will much impeach the justice of the state, Since that the trade and profit of the city Consisteth of all nations. That is, writing uses a channel that permits expression of information in a sequential, linear way, but where the information expressed arises out of knowledge that can be represented as a network containing multiple types of knowledge about the domain, about goals and intentions, and even about ways of communicating.


Moreover, documentation associated with a complex system typically is employed in multiple contexts, such as design, maintenance and training, while the documentation is usually developed only for the “use” context, which in some circumstances is safety-critical. Identifying the organisation of writing processes.

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If an author wants to keep track of these revisions, he or she should have recourse to a system for maintaining their trace across succeeding versions. If ijcorporer tickle us, do we not laugh? Moreover, DR for documentation would enable authors to create another kind of document structure, which we will call the intentional structurethat characterizes the document in terms of communicative goals. Here, we focus particularly on enabling tracing of the reasons for revisions.

The artifact’s own DR could be used during development of the documentation to provide rationale with respect to domain content. Questions, Options and Criteria: They are not, however, invoking a genetic or environmental determinism, since both insist that undesirable behaviours caused by geographical circumstances are not without remedy.

Second, it enables structuring the design process in an effective way, helping to avoid contradictory or otherwise inconsistent choices. Human-Computer Interaction, 6, Revision is an indispensable part of the process of writing and thus is a necessary part of the representation of DR for documentation. Shylock becomes what he has been told he is: It is the fruit of a subtle interaction between physiology, environment, and culture, and because it is interactive, it is subject to change.

Design Rationale for Complex System Documentation

Or denying the right of anyone other than himself to decide what his nation is? But sometimes these choices are not always explicit.

The issue of nationhood is a matter of some sensitivity, neither straightforward nor uncomplicated: Different environments produced different national characteristics, but similar physiologies made adjustment and change possible. Nevertheless, she does accept to repeat all the words that signal her sexual subjection.


Wikipedia:Politica pro le uso de imagines

A Critical Edition New York: This second aspect of our documentation process model describes the effects that the author intends to take with respect to changing the mental state of the reader.


The model is based on the idea of discourse acts and enables representation of intentions in addition to the domain content. William Shakespeare employs the language of the physiologically and environmentally mediated body to explore the phenomenon of European sameness and difference. Though he limits himself to paragraphs or pages rather than chapters, he distinguishes in some detail between nations and individuals on the basis of their temperaments and complexions.

It is particularly in his representation of Europeans, in spite of the presence of stereotypical characterizations, that the otherness disappears.

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Seeing therefore, the diversitie of spirits, and the differences of wittes and maners proceedeth of the condition and nature of the Place, Ayre, Countrey and nourishmente, let every man foresee in himself, which way he may best provide for the maintenaunce of his health, and to shunne all such thinges as may in any wise harme, annoye, crushe, or empaire either his health or Spirits. It takes more than English birth to make an Englishman. What ish my nation?

Quando tu incarga un imagine, assecura te que le imagine te pertine, que illo es in le dominio public o que le autor ha acceptate de licentiar le imagine sub le terminos de alicun licentia libere acceptate in Commons isto es, que permitte le redistribution, le operas derivate e le uso commercial, sin exiger le notification previe.

They are not, however, both Venetians. The proximity of continental Europe to England made it an ideal site for an examination of the corporeality and fluidity of national difference.