Drug Company Name:Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Product List. Serial. No. Brand Name. Dosage. Generic Name. Pack Size. 1. Aboxitin 1 gm. Injection. We take this opportunity to inform you that Bangladesh pharmaceutical market is one of the fastest growing sectors among the markets. Total pharmaceuticals. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited is a generic pharmaceutical company based in Dhaka, The company sells its products in Bangladesh and also has begun exporting to both developed and developing countries around the world. In .

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Such tests are used measure the job related knowledge of an applicant. Since Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Human Resource planning is pharmacfuticals process of getting the right number of qualified and competent people in to the right job at the right time.

The methodology that has pharmaceiticals adopted in the study is basing on mainly primary data as well as secondary data. The job specification is vital, because the key part of the job specification, established at the beginning, is used in structured selection interview.

The recruiters first step after receiving an assignment to meet with the hiring manager to find out more about the position to be filled. For the recruitment at this level, the previous options should also be taken into consideration, practically.

Incepta Pharmaceuticals

In this competitive, changing and complex business world managers have to be proactive rather than reactive. In this year 32 new generics with 48 presentations were launched, of which 18 generics were first ever in Bangladesh.

Therefore IPL has been on continuous search of effective recruitment sources. More training programs should be arranged to motivate employees.

In the 2nd copy of appointment letter he put the joining date. IPL could start using its existing website as a major recruiting source. Without the support of human beings machine remain idle, raw materials lie stacked and money gets tied up. Currently it is exporting medicines to 26 countries which are expected to be doubled in this year March Another increasingly common method is tele recruiting in which potential candidates who are already employed are phoned in an effort to build their interest to change employers.


Background of the Study: Then IPL prepares, maintains all the employees file in hard copy. While finalizing the questions, HR sticks to the job requirements of the position and maintain relevance, consistency and standard on the pattern of questions. If the desired candidate is not found, then the second step is judged and so on. What the recruiter really need to know is how many applications or initial interviews will be needed to locate fifteen engineers who are not only able to pass all the selection hurdles but also willing to accept a job offer.

HR department usually greet the candidates in a pleasant manner, provide with pertinent information about job openings, and treat them with dignity and respect. For example, some applicants with 3 years pharmacy graduation had applied who were not considered up to the desired standard for that position.

A willing female should be welcome after making the entire job requirement including working late and any unfavorable situation that may occur very clear to her. What are the attributes common to the people who in those positions? Not necessary that the number of projected manpower has to be recruited according to the budget plan.

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Now employee does the medical examination by their own medical physician. This online job application system minimizes the effort to record data related to the applicants in the CV-Bank. Each employee is entitled to fair wages and job opportunity in return for their job, pharmaceutivals, commitment, loyalty, personal interest and best efforts. A newly designed exit Interview from should be prepared with close -ended questionnaire should be introduced.


This growth is depends on the quality of the products and the better marketing system, which is also depends on the efficiency of the working force.

The system allows the employees to view internal job opportunities in each of the regions in the country.

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Human resources are recruited according to the Quarterly need. Write-ins are those who send their curriculum resume by post. If there were something that would have made that person performs at a pbarmaceuticals level, what it would have been? Eventually the final selection decision is made and the finally selected person has to go through the medical check up.

When openings occur, the hiring manager may rely on memory to suggest candidates or may ask supervisors to recommend employees who appear qualified.

During the last 11 years of operation Incepta launched as many as new generics for the first time ever in Bangladesh. The purpose for a medical examination is to obtain information of the health status of the applicant being considered for employment and to determine whether the applicant is physically and mentally capable of performing the job. The company has a very big manufacturing facility located at Savar, 35 k. New office for the sales and distribution pharmxceuticals was also taking place.

Blind ads typically yield a significantly lower response rate than non-blind ads and should not he use unless there is a very good reason. Some of these include job fairs, 1V or radio ads, direct mail, point-of-sale recruitment advertising on the assumption those who buy your product may be interested in making or selling itand employment hotlines to provide job information twenty four hours a day.