IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code. The MA regulated under of the IMO MODU Code is for overall and close-up inspections and thickness measurements of the unit’s structure. IMO Resolution A(26) – Adopted on 2 December – Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, ( MODU.

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2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

The allowable stresses should be to the satisfaction of the Administration. The modes of operation of a unit include the following:.

Should there not be room to place the chevron where indicated, the chevron marking, but not the point of origin, may be displaced towards the circle centre. A pitch indicator should be provided on the navigating bridge for controllable-pitch propellers. The minimum clear opening should not be less than mm x cod. It should be visible from a helicopter in flight or in a hover over the helideck. Clarification of differing jurisdiction and control mechanisms of port and coastal States Changes to the provisions for casualty investigations New provisions for means of access and safe access to spaces Inclusion of provisions ino anti-fouling systems and ballast water management Clarification and additional requirements for remotely operated doors Provision of additional requirements for jacking systems.

In this condition the final waterline, after flooding, should be below the lower edge of any downflooding opening. Each manual should be provided with a contents list, an index and wherever possible be cross-referenced to additional detailed information which should be readily available on board.

Chapter 01 General Chapter 1 – General.

  EB G5100 PDF

2009 such an opening is cut in a door it should be fitted with a grille made of non-combustible material. Access hatch coamings having a height greater than mofu should also have steps on the outside in conjunction with the ladder.

Obstacles within the limited obstacle sector are limited to specified heights. Where arrangements for overriding the shutdown of the main propelling machinery are fitted, these should be such as to preclude inadvertent operation. Public spaces are those portions of the accommodation which are used for halls, dining rooms, lounges and similar permanently enclosed spaces.

Accommodation spaces should be fitted with smoke detectors. Dynamic positioning systems used as a sole means of position keeping should provide a level of safety equivalent to that provided for anchoring arrangements.

Fire hoses, together with any necessary fittings and tools, should be ready for use at any time and should be kept in conspicuous positions near the water service hydrants or connections. In every case the Administration concerned should fully guarantee the completeness and efficiency of the design evaluation.

Each muster station should have sufficient ckde to accommodate all persons assigned to muster at that station, but at least 0. How to select a suitable BWTS, a roadmap to retrofitting.

When a tank is subdivided by one or more swash bulkheads or similar obstructions which do not allow ready means of access to the moru parts of the tank, at least two hatchways and ladders should be fitted. If the liferaft or liferafts cannot be readily transferred for launching on either side of the unit, 0209 total capacity available on each side should be sufficient to accommodate the total number of persons on board.

IMO I810E 2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

For self-elevating drilling units, consideration should be taken of the maximum height above the waterline, and for other drilling units the lightest operating condition. The facts concerning the intervention should be reported to the Organization. After installation, every such door, hatch or ramp should be tested by means of a hose test or equivalent.


Data for flammable gases and vapours, relating to the use of electrical apparatus. For units that have a movable substructure the 30 m should be measured with the substructure at its closest drilling position to the accommodation.

IMO IE MODU Code, Edition

Floodlights should conform to the same height limitations specified in paragraph A construction portfolio should be prepared and a copy placed on board the unit.

A safety system should be provided to ensure that serious malfunction in machinery or boiler operations, which presents an immediate danger, should initiate the automatic shutdown of that part of the plant and that an alarm should be given at the locations determined in accordance with paragraph 8. The ducts or sleeves should have a thickness of at least 3 mm and a length of at least mm.

The Administration may accept ballast valve arrangements that do not fail to the closed position upon loss of power provided the Administration is satisfied that the safety of the unit is not impaired.

However, for purposes of the application of chapter 9, the space where the emergency source of power is located is not considered as being a control station.

Signature of authorized official issuing the certificate.