Ihtijaj (Argumentation) [Abu Mansur Ahmad Tabarsi, Saiyyed Amir Husayn Sarkishian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the introduction. Al–Ihtijaj by Allama Abu Mansur Ahmad Tibrisi Vol Uploaded by Syed Naqvi. Islamic Urdu Book. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download. Al-Tabarsi and the Distortion of the Qur’an. Al-Tabarsi mentions in his book al- Ihtijaj (vol. 1 pg. ) while discussing the argument of Amir al-Mu’minin `Ali radiya Llahu `anhu.

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Posted October 13, Mirza Nuri did indeed write a book attempting to prove that ihtijqj are verses missing from the Qur’an. Surely We have revealed the Reminder and We will most surely be its guardian Not it was not.

View this page in our App. Ayatullah Khomeini ra quoted from this person in his book, and not the first person as you alleged.

They are generally treated the same way Mirza Nuri’s book is treated. Does not [Edited Out].

Please be little bit more serious. He is famous for some of his works.

Al-Ihtijaj In English? – Off-Topic –

The political, social and moral teachings. You would be simply frustrated? Look how harshly Ayatullah Najafabadi was critiqued for his book where he denied ‘Ilm ul-Ghayb of the Imam, yet no one considered him a disbeliever.

Allah covered their eyes and set veils upon their hearts from pondering over it that is why they left it as is, and He veiled it from those who would seek to distort it.


In the introduction of the book, al-Tabrisi writes: Al-Khowansari says in Rowdat al-Jannat vol.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Al-Tabarsi [1] mentions in his book al-Ihtijaj vol.

I do believe in brotherhood between shias and sunnis. This page was last edited on 27 Mayat Seems like you didn’t read my taabrsi post on this thread, where I quoted: How dare you lie so openly?

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I have seen all Shias are in agreement that whoever would accuse Ahlalbayt in deficiency – is kaafir. Honestly even from this short sentence, it is clear what was intention tzbarsi Noori. The problem is how you have constrained the meaning and implication of the word tahreef to something specific.

Shaykh Tabarsi

Hz Umar acknowledged the verse of Stoning iutijaj missing and if he did not fear people, he would have added it in the Quran. April 22, O you who have believed, ask Allah to confer blessing upon him and ask Allah to grant him peace.

The successful ones are enlightened to it, while the wretched ones are blind to it, and he to whom Allah has not granted light — for him there is no light. These all result in change of meaning, no matter how trivial you may claim it may be.

So if Tabarsi, like rabarsi said simply believed that some verses or even part of ihtijzj verses been missing from Quran, this again would be called that he did believe in change, tampering, alteration of Quran. Before tabarsii interpretive translations are made and held to reflect the thought of the Imams, literal translations are of paramount importance. His own words after having written the book clarify what his views were and what his argument in the book is.


Tabarsi said the same about Quran.

Allah sent his last Messenger to show people to the end of the time His Right Path. This does tabarsk all types of human beings. This page has been accessed 6, times.

When they were asked to stop the butchering in these three areas, followed by United Arab Emirates, they refused completely. Please refer to the reference I provided earlier from al-Dhari’ah. And he who asserts that we say that it is greater in extent than that, is a liar.

There are about 20 books by the title of “al-Ihtijaj” among Shi’a early sources, the earliest of which is “al-Ihtijaj” written by Muhammad b. Retrieved from ” http: Yes, if they will come and deny the divinely appointed status of the Imams, then they are no longer Imami Shi’as and will be outside of the folds of Imami Shi’ism, not Islam.