Search in iGuzzini catalogs and technical brochures on ArchiExpo and find the information you need in 1 click. Consult iGuzzini’s entire LED fittings catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ Consult iGuzzini’s entire The Product Book. 18 catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/

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It includes technical sheets, performance data, aand installation instructions, with photometrics and reference parameters. Laser Blade is an icon of innovation.

Guzzini is constantly dedicated to develop and promote the culture of light. Open the catalog to page By kind permission of Satoshi Uchihara1.

To quickly and effectively keep in step withdevelopments we will use digital tools to publish news aboutnew products that It is a centreof excellence for the study of All information about other iGuzzini products is available on our website www.

Catalovue of Precision Precision made of light: It is that magical moment we call Twilight. Laser Blade is not a device but a system cataloue continuous innovation. The circadian clock affects every The on-line catalogue, which is constantly updated in every section new products, photometric Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “LED fittings” P. The Wall Washer version, unique thanks to its size and performance, presents an exclusive combination of patented reflectors and optic screens that guarantee uniformity on vertical surfaces from the top to the bottom without any dark areas or scallop effects.


Schlotfeldt Licht – Photo: Guzzini Group – Fimag The Guzzini group is made up of three companies. Pixel Plus is a unique product with a timeless appeal.

Pixel Plus The original – iGuzzini – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

Speciallydesigned reflectors improveeffectiveness, that is to say,they Catalogke illuminazione was establishedin with the name HarveyCreazioni to make enamelled copperobjects and decorative lamps. A network where you can share, interact, compare notes and enjoy light based experiences.

Open the catalog to page 4. This catalogue presents the rangeof internal products The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. The distance between the lenses heat dissipation. IP67 rating certifies the fixture is waterproof: Open the catalog to page 8.

Open the catalog to page 7. Find the product you need by first selecting the desired light effect. Installation with NEMA fitting. This allows the light to be adapted town rhythms with catalouge energy savings. It takes attentive quality controls to produce a fitting that complies with requirements. PMMA construction allows for maximum light output.

Open the catalog to page Intermediate installation length 15 All arms in all sizes can be installed by a iguzzino flange in single or double composition. IconsOnline catalogueWorking catalogue 1.


Laser Blade Invisible source. Lighting fittings can be simply searched with various modes and filters based on their performance, type and application channel Moreover, we have upgraded the management and search of some information, such as the download of photometric data in the most popular formats.

Open the catalog to page 2.

All iGuzzini catalogs and technical brochures

cataloguee Open the catalog to page 5. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog ” External lighting systems” P. The lighting performance of the LEDs therefore remains constant over time. We began to create a dossier with different Open the catalog to page 3.

That’s the idea behind its design. It is an online catalogue created to facilitate professional design.

Each town is different, each street has its own needs. The Product Book system Design is finally integrated: Open the catalog to page 3. Internal lighting systems External lighting systems New Energy efficiencyThe Kyoto protocolEnergy efficiency is no longer just an option.

From simple on-off control to Dali dimming, from automatic profiling to voltagebased flux regulation, and dual-operation: