of the Rehla had said, ‘ThiB 1 I.e. journey or travelling ; also -written as Rihla. 2 Leo In one of the mosques in Turkistan, Ibn Battuta witnessed a large whip. ابن فتح الله البيلوني) the other by Ibn Fathallah el Beylouny,(ابن جزي الكلبي) Djezy el Kelby. SOI printed by mistake ali i v LJI); the latter I possess.” He tells. A CRITICAL STUDY OF A TRAVELOGUE: RIHLA OF IBN E BATTUTA AND INDIA Ibn e Battuta, a youth of 21, competent and learned expert in law and.

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The merit of Gibb’s version is that it gives a very useful and lengthy introduction on Ibn Battuta’s life, relating for instance rihlla his adoption of an ascetic life, resigning all his offices and giving away all his possessions at battutw stage, before he was urged into accepting office again by Sultan Muhammad of India and became his envoy at the head of an important mission to the most powerful Emperor of China.

Thus, the Aulaq, dak on horses, reached from Multan to Delhi in 5 days. The reliability of the contents may also be established by answering the question battuat possibility of the travels undertaken by Ibn e Battuta, that states; The Muslim traders had firm control over the Oceanic trading centres.

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The performance of Rihla was considered in Moorish al-Andalus as a qualifier for teachers and political leaders. Likewise the inb are very dated and not very helpful.

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Ibn Battuta | Muslim Heritage

Help Center Find new research papers in: The Travels is a medieval book which recounts the journey of the 14th-century Moroccan scholar and traveler Ibn Battuta. He reached to al-Qiram and availed the chance to travel to Volga under the patronage of Kipchak ruler Uzbeg Khan.

Click here to sign up. He clearly belongs battuta the select circle of men who paved the way for the modern age of discovery [37].

Travels in Asia and Africa ]Medieval Sourcebook: His account of the journey, dictated on his return, not only provides vivid accounts of an odyssey that took him to exotic lands, but also describes in great detail Muslim maritime activities in the Middle and Far East, fascinating elements of foreign architecture, and agricultural activities of diverse cultures. Ibn Battuta led a complete life while traveling.

Ibn Battuta

Anwar ul Haque, Ibn-e-Battuta: Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: Ibn e Battuta was appreciated and endowed with the post of Judge by the Sultan with the assistance of two experts in Hanafi Fiqh as he himself was educated in Maliki school. The majority of these persons are identifiable by independent sources, and there are surprisingly few errors in names or dates in his material. Each of such Chinese vessels is powered by a thousand men; six hundred sailors, that is, and four hundred fighting men, mainly archers, battuga even men who use naphta fires.

It took tens of days to go from one city to another. The Silk Road to China was reopened. Fruits like mango, jauman, oranges, pomegranate were grown and liked by everyone.



Although exceptionally rich in personal data, the RihlaRosenthal notes, was not meant to constitute a personal record in terms of the circumstances of the author’s life or the proper sequences of his itinerary [31]. A handsome salary of silver dinars per annum was awarded to him.

NIHCR,riihla University of California Press, In Damascus, Ibn Battuta boarded in one of the three madrasas. In any case, he admits in the Travels that in China he was unable to understand or accept much of what he saw; it was not part of his familiar Dar al-Islam:.

rihls Usually, he married one at a time and divorced her when he left on further travels. In the Maldives, Ibn Battuta enjoyed the company of women even more than usual.

Ibn Battuta’s Rihla

The orthography is quite legible. Trade routes were mostly the same as adopted by Ibn e Battuta.

The only medieval traveler known to have visited the lands of every Muslim ruler of his time, Ibn Battjta was born into a family of highly respected religious judges and educated as a theologian.

His writing and his last years. His group crossed at the 13,foot 4,meter Khawak Pass. The governor of one city gave him alms of gold and woolen cloth, as almsgiving was considered a pillar of Islam.