Set measures and limits. Distinguish things and then join them together. Deliberate and measure. Use your inner power to move people. Do not over or under. I Ching Hexagram One hesitates to ask others to accept the fatigue, so they finish the preparation with the most capable. 60 — Restrictive Regulations — HEXAGRAM NUMBER SIXTY RESTRICTIVE REGULATIONS. Other titles: Limitation, Restraint, Regulations, Articulating.

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iChing Limits and Connections

She has no proper correlate, and is the topmost line in the trigram of Complacent Satisfaction. You are limiting yourself, but it is OK. Find a place to ponder things deeply and chkng new will come shining through.

This return of the spirit attracts a new fate. Taking up the higher path. Excessive restrictions demanded of others will eventually meet with resentment.

Vain struggles with artificial limitations are best redirected quickly, so that the true goal can be kept in sight. Discover your line in the sand.


Above marsh possessing stream. Even with firmness and correctness there will be evil. Give yourself some quiet time. Be mindful of the balance between intimacy and alone time.

Apportion what is strong and what is supple to see the times to intervene. He knows when he has free course and when he is obstructed. Create an atmosphere of sacredness in your home or office, and your love life will transform.

Make an offering and you will succeed. Be open and do what must be done.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #60 –

He achieves regulation with ease. To live a life of leisure before having contributed to society; to act willfully and selfishly in violation of reasonable rules and customs; to fhing social conventions for the thrill of doing so — these are excesses that lead to seriously unfavorable consequences. If you hesitate when hexxgrama time is right, you will miss your chance entirely.

This is the “Love I-Ching” interpretation. Line two is dynamic in a magnetic place and without the help of a proper correlate.

Find the right moments to express what life has taught you. He acts thus from his knowledge of when things can be carried through to their end and when they will be blocked.


I Ching Hexagram #60:

This juxtaposition of contradictory ideas suggests a test situation: This will not be endured for long by the people. Evil spirits obsess only those human beings in whom the animal nature is preponderating.

Line five is dynamic and in his correct place. These comings and goings release the energy now bound up in the past. Its way chhing to an end. If one is not disciplined, one will lament. Who would find fault with that? Sweet limitation brings good fortune. This is an extremely important concept, because hexagra,a it one can all too easily fall into a suicidal despair.

Inner self-reflection now gives you the ability to manage the flow and flux of events.