21 Mar [This is an attempt to analyze the piece ‘The Four Kinds of Meaning’ which constitutes a part of Practical Criticism [Part III, Chapter I. This is. I.A.. Richards Four kind of meaning. Ivor Armstrong Richards, together with Eliot, is the most influential critic in the twentieth century Anglo-American criticism. Richards shows an interest in the effect of poems on the reader. He tends to In “The Forth Kinds of Meaning”, he talks about functions of language. Basically he points out four types of functions or meaning that the language has to perform.

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ds’ Four Kinds of Meaning

Therefore all utterances can be looked at from four points of view, revealing four kinds of meaning are not easily separated.

Short and sweet would only be an understatement. What is the meaning of four? They are listed in the amount of energy kinda contain -Solid -Liquid -Gas -Plasma Matter is what makes up everything from your average cat to the sun, to the very universe that we live in.

Can you guess what bread is? He has influenced a number of critics on both sides of the Atlantic. They have movement and rhythm. Copying or downloading them for commercial purpose will entitle severe legal proceedings. Therefore an adequate of knowledge of psychology is essential to literary criticism.


The classification ofverbs according to form are as follows: The total meaning we arrive at is a combination of different contributory meanings.

IA Richards’ Concept of Four Kinds of Meaning

Details of Utility Softwares are posted in them. This they do to express feeling or adjust tone. What are the different kinds of sentences according to use?

What are the Kinds of angles according to measure?

What is it we are making out? New Critics would usually pay relatively little attention to the historical setting of the works which they analyzed, treating literature as a sphere of activity of its own. Both are cases of mistaking means for ends. What kind of meat can you eat according to the Bible? His ideas are oriented toward distinguishing the belief of readers from that of the poets. It is a question of the due measure of response. We have to try to avoid judging pianists by their hair.

What kinds of polygons according to sides?

An isosceles triangle has two sides of equal length. Words are used to direct the hearer’s attraction up on some state richarsd affairs or to excite them.

IA Richards’ Concept of Four Kinds of Meaning – Literary Theory and Criticism

Ragu Antony February 28, at 7: Richards finds two kinds of belief and disbelief i Intellectual belief ii Emotional belief In an intellectual belief we weigh an idea based on doctrinal preoccupation, where as an emotional belief is related to the state of mind.


He had no formal training in literature.

View my complete profile. New Criticism owes much to this work.


The chapter at first glance seems deceptively easy but Richard’s ‘intention’ is still rather unclear aka his defense of poetry doesn’t seem to hold water. What are the different kinds of angles according to their measurement? Hence to challenge their truth is to mistake their function.

Sometimes all four fail together; a reader garbles the sense, distorts the feeling, mistakes the tone and disregards the intention; and often a partial collapse of one function entails aberrations in the others. We speak to say something. Some psychologists lay themselves open to a charge of emptiness that they have little to talk about. Richards —was a literary critic, linguist and philosopher.

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