The Map and the Territory has ratings and reviews. Jeffrey said: ”I’ve known several guys in my life who wanted to become artists, and were su. WHILE MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ HAS INVEIGHED against critics . Insofar as The Map and the Territory might represent Houellebecq’s. : The Map and the Territory (Vintage International) ( ): Michel Houellebecq, Gavin Bowd: Books.

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So bring on the sex-resort suicide bombers, the spine-snapping gang-bangs. And I find none of that in The Map and the Territory. Neither he nor we ever know. They got used to the theatrical tone adopted by waiters in high-star establishments as they announced the composition of the amuse-bouches and other appetizers; and also that elastic and declamatory way in which they exclaimed: Especialmente cuando eres joven. OK, if I have to be completely blunt, Michel Houellebecq must be the most overrated contemporary author since Amelie Nothomb.

In postmodernity, the argument goes, capitalism has surpassed its initial need to have us highly individuated for its function; it has progressed to a point of greater efficiency, whereby instead of expressing unique selves through our consumer choices, we are presented with a set of programmed options and pick from among them.

Towards the later third of the novel Houellebecq introduces a new character, a police inspector named Jasselin. He brings the houellebcq alive making the art fresh with his own view of them.

He meets Michel Houellebecq houellebexq Ireland in order to ask him to write the text for the catalog of one of his exhibitions, and in exchange offers to paint the writer’s portrait. The Map and the Territory is Michel Houellebecq’s fifth novel. It was the first time since that the award had gone to a novel published by Flammarion.

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It was not, it couldn’t be, the exacerbated, feverish happiness of young people, and it was no longer a question for them in the course of a weekend to get plastered or totally shit-faced ; it was already — but they were still young enough to laugh about it — the preparation for that epicurean, peaceful, refined but unsnobbish happiness t houellebecq is a supreme market analyst, not shying away from drawing a trendline even if it’s more based on cynicism than data: This map was sublime.


When his father comes down with a terminal illness and is considering going to Norway for an assisted suicide, Jed has to deal with the consequences of such a decision. The protagonist himself I found completely unengaging and unlikeable. Martin is an artist with a good eye, but no ostensible love of what he does.

I found his worldview coloring my own, which is a mark of how absorbing a writer Houellebecq is. In a few simple words, Houellebecq not only lances the pomposity of the art world, but conjures up marvellous canvases simply through his words: Retrieved from ” https: It is the annihilating indifference of the universe, from which we have so much divorced ourselves that our ability to understand it gets weaker and weaker.

Michel Houellebecq not at the top of his game as a fictional real person. Aug 04, S. One connection is that the murder was performed in such a way as to create a work of art.

The Map and the Territory – Wikipedia

But the most amazing thing is that in spite of a main character who is very Finally a map of Houellebecq territory. The relationship tertitory life and art is open to question – that is, between the physical description of the French te, his eccentricities, houelldbecq his volatile temperament. What is to be believed? This is the first Houellebecq novel I’ve read, so I am curious to investigate the others.

But even normal or bad personages need to be full-blooded and complex enough for me to take them seriously. To ask other readers questions about The Map and the Territoryplease sign up. She is desired by many and has her pick of the men of Paris, but she chooses Jed. Ah, well, the famous writer was now a nutritional support for numerous maggots, thought Jasselin.

But these tiny outbursts do little to color the book overall, and he leaves pornographic assault on the senses out of his paintbox as he renders the spectacle of dehumanization that unfolds around us every day. To start with, the plot of the book is, how to say, nothing to write home about. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discussing the future was of more interest to his rich patrons than say a postal worker. If they have an analog in the real world, I’d love to know it.


Such labour itself fast being stripped of any useful productive value. The events take place over a span of years, from the 00s to the near future, the s.

The Map and the Territory by Michel Houellebecq – review

I would be plot-spoiling It territroy public knowledge that Houellebecq was a loner with strong misanthropic tendencies: Retrieved 24 Territorj In a quaint home in a country village, a man and his dog are decapitated.

The twists in the plot makes this a really fun read. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s how he meets the delightful Olga. Open Preview See a Problem?

Jed, meanwhile, is also experiencing difficulties: When I read ‘Plateforme’ some years ago, I dismissed Houellebecq as being overrated, and a complete misogynist, but I’ve changed my mind after reading La Carte et le Territoire.

View all 14 comments. The individual is demoted, busted down to buck private, or its equivalent in the gendarmerie. Houellebecq the writer steered us back onto the tedious track, to completely evaporate by the time of the most anticlimactic and trite denouement. The problem of The Map and the Territory in being far from this kind of book lies largely, I think, with its execution. Satire delivered by steely rapier wit rather than floppy palette brush.

So it is with surprise that I bestow 5 stars upon it. She did abandon him for a time, and perhaps an infantile ego can never forgive the ultimate insult of abandonment. Overcome, he began to tremble in front of the food display. Cronenberg’s depiction of the festering confluence of ego, money, sex and vacuous desire for fame that constitutes Hollywood is remarkably similar to Houellebecq’s depiction of the world of modern art.