In this tutorial we’ll show you everything you’ll need to get up and running with HikaShop. You can also read our tutorials on other Joomla ecommerce solutions: . HikaShop is an e-commerce extension for Joomla! It is built for simplicity and flexibility. It has a wide range of marketing tools and powerful statistics to. HikaShop is fully integrated with Joomla and you can get started In this tutorial, we have four videos to get you up and running with Hikashop.

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HikaShop – HikaSubscription Tutorial

Let’s add parameters for this new shipping price. You will see the Main Information panel on the left, and you have all the same editing capability you would have for a normal Joomla article. As you will see in subsequent screen shots, I have changed it to Joomla Products, and added Drupal and WordPress categories as well. First, you should have a Joomla! If the customer add in the cart the product a second time,the shipping price will be: We aren’t going to cover that here, we’re sticking to product entry, so for our purposes the defaults are ok.

Price – I added a discount for buying 20 or more shirts Variants – three colors three sizes Options – two options with an up charge for each. Click the New icon.

We worked hard on this evolution hioashop order to allow you more liberty in the way you can setup your checkout. New window without navigation: Points generator for embed a value of points that the user will earn during the consumption. Depending the plugins you’re using for the plan, they can act differently depending the state of the subscription.


Those modifications will be applied only after you saved the product.

All shopping carts are complicated and everybody seems to have some requirement that the developers haven’t anticipated. Here, we start from the default parameters. Here, you can create several specific shipping prices for your product, you can see displayed here your shipping method with its price. In your cart, you have two products and you set 1 in your ” Price per product ” input value. This price will be applied tktorial each product added in the cart.

If the customer add in the cart the product a second time,the shipping price will be:. We recommend to set meaningful tutoriao, it will be easier for you to find back a mass action in the future.

In this chapter, we will discover how to deal with HikaShop default item menu, they will allow you to display quickly hikwshop easily all most common HikaShop content. So in that case, the owner will configure two sets of shipping methods, all of them with the “shipping price per product” activated. You can find information about Joomla! Mass actions will for example help you move thousands of tutoria from one category to another or change the order status for every orders of a specific customer in a few clicks.

Enable many vendors on your website. In this video we show you how to add products with Hikashop component on Joomla. So you can also create instances for these plugins if you want to add an image or a PDF in the confirmation emails.


You will see your Item Menu HikaShop options. Adding Hikashop Categories to a Menu. You need to highlight the category one step higher than the category you want to use in order to get the proper list of check boxes.

How to Use the Hikashop Extension in Joomla

Categories – When you save the product it will be assigned to category you had highlighted when you clicked “Add Product. On the product page and in the checkout process you can see that, as expected, your specific shipping price is displayed. In this case Red hlkashop click OK.

You also have meta input for SEO on your products. HikaShop product import tutorial CSV format. And to finalize your Massaction, as we didn’t set a specific trigger, clic on the Process button. Buying multiple products in the same order will tutlrial more the duration of the selected subscription. During your tests, it is important to keep in mind that a created order won’t provide serials to your customers. They get to choose several variants of the shirt when they get to the product page.

Clicking on OK would give me a message asking me to select a category.

This brief tutorial describes how to import products into HikaShop 2. It has a wide range of marketing tools and powerful statistics to help you manage your store. Let’s go further and let’s display only the products image.