In early Henriette Lannes and her husband M. Tracol entered into Mme de Salzmann’s circle at Sevres, France. The meeting with de Salzmann produced a . by Henriette Lannes, Susan Murphy, John Roger Barrie, Llan Amit, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Martin Buber, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Trebbe Johnson, David Sander and others. Inside a Question [Henriette Lannes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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About Henriette H. Lannes | Writer | France | UpClosed

Lannes words is self-evident. I felt they were true. Help is given it, but afterward one must struggle so that the help does not disappear into a dream To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Tom rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Want to Read saving…. She said that if we, the most indebted to Madame Lannes, could touch others spiritually, transmitting a definite quantity of finer energy, Madame Lannes need not come down to earth again… We sat in immaculate silence.

What little time Mme Lannes reserved for herself might see her at Picketts Cottage, her thatched country retreat near Woodcote, working in her beloved flower garden or seated in summer by her traditional Gipsy caravan, reading, dealing with correspondence, and smoking an occasional Camel cigarette. That these two remarkable human beings remained undivided essentially and in commitment to Gurdjieff — who can doubt? The depth and sincerity of H. It is the attention connected with being-effort, the attention that comes from all essential parts of ourselves, gathered.

And yet, and yet… consider Robert Browning’s lines: These energies confer life, light, and warmth on our inner world, in the service of a Great Reality in the universe, just as the Sun confers these things on the Earth. We are not sufficiently awakened to attention. My possibilities develop only very slowly, yet from year to year I recognize that I know something more of myself.


Franco Bernard is currently reading it Sep 10, Who would spoil everything by masquerading as a representative disciple of such a woman? Different people understandably entertained different agendas and indications are that the important London-New York axis was dominated by Ouspensky’s former pupils Basil Tilley and Lord Pentland.

Nothing in us is able to hold attention in the way it is needed, to really centre our attention, to keep it for ourselves, for a real pulling together of all the powers which have been given to us to be. It may be very coarse, or it may be fine and supple. An untoward and major difficulty in implementing long-meditated plans to support her added an increment of painful drama, yet she did not lack willing aid from Lyon and London… Henriette Lannes died from liver cancer at 40 Avenue Valioud, St Foy, at around 10 p.

Meanwhile Henriette herself was growing in stature, and by 8 August when Gurdjieff’s car crash drew to him disparate Anglo-American followers of his ideas, he had mandated pannes to guide French pupils of lznnes own. What others have helped me understand I have not really understood for myself. Younger London groups were now afforded contact with her at the expense of older; she battled tenaciously with her infirmities, offering up her last reserves to her ideals.

Early in Henriette and her husband M. She lannew not split metaphysical hairs or retreat into a single grand verity, wearing it threadbare by endless iteration. If I were fully alive, everything would be fully alive around me, as it really is. Despite Mme de Salzmann’s endorsement, London did not fall ‘ready-cooked’ into her protege’s mouth. Cristina Cristea marked it as to-read Nov 10, Indeed she built one.

I could not get them out of my mind. We can see that our habitual attention is much too fleeting.

Inside A Question: Works Of Henriette Lannes, Pupil Of G.I.Gurdjieff

But henrriette is this attention? In practice, however, her own epoch’s supervening goals confined her to small inconclusive pilot studies. Let us leave deconstructionist crows to pick at the ‘inconsistency’ of these two mysteries: I can still hear Mr. But my wish is not big enough for that—the wish has to grow, and it can only grow if I see myself more, if I see myself as I am Henriette Lannes Inside a Question Nothing in us is able to hold attention in the way it is needed, to really centre our attention, to keep it for ourselves, for a real pulling together of all the powers which have been given to us to be.


The production and filming July of a marionette play ‘The Equipage’ dramatizing Gurdjieff’s metaphor of carriage, horse, driver, and Master.

Something that lnanes do in life without an inside aim will never sustain our Work and the two aims must meet and th ey must help one another. Immediately all her native resourcefulness was mobilised in aid of her mother’s struggle for material survival; her formal education stopped, leaving her intellectual curiosity, if anything, heightened. The unpublished Proceedings of this Study, extending over seven years, constitute an unrivalled memorial of Mme Lannes’ thought.

For those who seek to awaken to what they truly are, this new attention has more value than anything else in their lives.

In this world where we lead our lives, we need a much more stable attention. Attention comes through my feelings, henrlette body—all my centres can give different kinds of attention. Luke Storms marked it as to-read Mar 31, I am less blind and my attention is less taken by no matter what, no matter who.