In comparison to them, after some frustrations, Hasan bin Sabbah achieved, that success which was only the But if we take into consideration the date of death of Hasan bin Sabbah namely A.H./l 1 24 C.E. for .. First Ed. in Urdu. Read Book Hasan Bin Sabah Ki Jannat ebooks by Khursheed Hashmi on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the.

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The latter is known only from quotations made by later Persian authors. He left for Egypt from Palestine. During the day [10] he studied at home, and mastered palmistrylanguagesphilosophyastronomy and mathematics especially geometry.

Hassan Bin Sabbah – Ismaili Hero 18

Hasan, at length was appointed a dai of Daylam. He boarded a vessel at Alexandria with a group of Franks for western waters, but the stormy winds tossed his vessel on the shores of Syria and he alighted at the port of Acre.

A Bibliography of Sources and StudiesI. At the age of 17, Hassan converted and swore allegiance to the Fatimid Caliph in Cairo. Historians and scholars identify Hassan-i Sabbah as the founder of the Nizari Assassins and their doctrine.


Hassan-i Sabbah – Wikipedia

He proceeded to Mosul, Rahba and Damascus. Mufaddal Saifuddin claimant as 54th Dai: However, Hassan did not go to Urdi. He learnt the Ismaili doctrines from a Fatimid dai, Amir Dharrab, who expounded him the doctrine of the Ismailis.

The strong walls of the fortress collapsed one day, enabling him to escape. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. As a result, he was expelled by the town’s Sunni qadi. From early age he acquired the rudiments of formal education from his father at home. A Project of the Heritage Society. Xishijia Chinese manuscript completed inre-tells the story similar to Polo’s. He later seized a mountain fortress called Alamut.

Polo’s travelogue describes Hassan as a charlatan who devised plots to convert young men to his sect. The collapse of a minaret of the jail was taken to be an omen in favor of Hassan and he was promptly released and deported.

First to Fourteenth Century A.

From here he went to Caucasian Albania current Azerbaijanhundreds of miles to the north, and from there through Armenia. Hadan theology Islamic jurisprudence Islamic law.

Next, key people amongst this populace were converted, and finally, inHassan took over the fort by infiltrating it with his converts. His name was Resi Abufasl and he further instructed Hassan. Hassan’s life now was totally devoted to the mission.


Then onwards, he toured many cities; studied the economic, social and religious conditions sabbxh the people. Retrieved 30 January Hasan however managed to proceed to Daylam in hiding.

Hassan-i Sabbah

Brown Literary History of PersiaVol. At the time, Isma’ilism ufdu a growing movement in Persia and other lands east of Egypt. I met with his approval, and he made me a deputy dai and indicated that I should go to His Majesty in Egypt, who at that time was al-Mustansir.

Archived from the original on 17 October Retrieved February 20, There was plenty of mission activity, pervasive throughout its length and breath in Iran under the control of Abdul Malik bin Attash. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Terror, Terrorism, and the Human Condition. He sent from Damghan, and later, from Shahriyarkuh, a number of trained dais, including Ismail Qazwini, Muhammad Jamal Radi and Kiya Abul Kassim Larijani to different districts around Alamut valley to convert the local inhabitants. Hassan was briefly imprisoned by Badr al-Jamali.