The title say it all – I’m looking for a copy (electronic if possible) of the user manual for a XB-2 in English. Hammond-Suzuki have it for download. How to fix loose keys on the XB-2 manual. jackets from Hammond and do it yourself, or pay. SERVICE MANUAL. XB-2, XB-Sn. CAUTION! see safety notice inside. J. May, HAMMOND SUZUKT, LTD. frt\(\ont.i\c On vse. 60\o\. Scan by Manual.

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A constant-Q unit is highly recommended, and a Hz filter is a big plus. When you press the Record button, any sound that is going out will stop, so only do this when mnaual not playing.

Hammond XB2 Owner’s Playing Manual

I became suspicious of a damaged via on a trace that turned out to connect to pin 9 A 2. How to EQ the XB I haven’t messed much with the OD pots. Polarity And Mode Select String Family bow Pattern Saving Preset Data This requires B-3 players to play non-legato if they want percussion to trigger on each note played. That said, it’s a little silly to mention specific settings, but I’ll tell ya how I set my EQ up this past weekend anyway.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. You might not use MAX Keyclick in all presets, but it’s mighty nice to have this option. Percussion enables a transient percussive tone – turn off all the drawbars and listen manal 2nd and 3rd percussion to hear the majual, then blend in the class drawbar setting. But there are songs that seem to demand a sustaining instrument – organ, strings, pads, etc.

If I don’t want the synth to sound when I’m playing the organ, I’ll turn on the organ solo.


XB2-Kit mk3 User Manual – KeyboardPartner Wiki

External Leslie volume may be adjusted by internal trim pots on output jack board see installation manual if volume is too low. If you’re one of us folks who thinks the Hamnond tone could be improved, you’ll be surprised at just how good you can make it sound and you’ll have lots of fun doing it.

In Split Gate But the dbx X has a button to take out the Hz frequency only, which removes the buzz almost completely mmm-mmm good. Switch to Threaded Mode. If you’re the sort of person who likes to tinker with electronics and you’re not afraid of tweaking with your XB2 a bit, you’ll probably find that these adjustments allow you to tailor the performance of your XB2 a little and you’ll have fun monkeying with it in the bargain. Midi Program Number Options Makes it much easier.

Helps to elevate my mood and push out the daily trials. The XB-2 has a Hz buzz at least mine does which you only hear when you depress a key. That I would if you had the spare time ron!

Could you please advise I am a TVs engineer so I am very ok electronics and test. Originally posted by Mr.

XB2-Kit mk3 User Manual

Parameter Data Table Touch Button Functions Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Preset Bank Lock Data Chart I did adjust the pots one at a time so at no time were they all max’d at once, though I personally doubt that max’ing everything would harm the electronics.

It’s better if you can do it yourself as mqnual will keep happening periodically. Below I describe what I discovered by experimenting with different pot settings on my XB2.


Also, realize that there is a learning curve with clones that you don’t have with ROMplers. Some of the pots increase their assigned effect when turned clockwise, others counter-clockwise.

A Basic Reed Tone You are not logged in.

Hammond XB2 Manual – MusicPlayer Forums

Well, that and the fact that most non clonewheel keyboards’ organ sounds absolutely suck. Any XB-2 player who is at all serious about getting a better traditional Hammond sound should consider this upgrade a must-have. Those parameters marked P will be saved to current preset when preset is saved. Selected function will be shown in display. Preset Bank Information Diapason Family check Mark Pattern Good luck on your new adventure.

This manual covers 3. Midi Implementation Chart The display will show the drawbar settings, and if you press the “Record” button by itself, a numeric representation of the drawbar setting will come up. Split Drawbar Save The XB-2 also plays this way, but in V2 you also have the option of having percussion trigger on ALL key strikes, not just the non-legato ones.

The percussion on a B-3 is single triggered, meaning that you only hear the percussion on the first note played after an all-notes-off state. How to adjust the internal pots on the XB-2?

Each drawbar is a detented slide potentiometer, so variable voltages are arriving on J Ive spent the entire weekend in my music room with the organ, Im amazed how good it sounds in my 5. Write down the factory-set position of ALL the trim pots!