Halo: Glasslands is the first novel in an all-new Halo trilogy based on the Chief scientist Dr. Catherine Halsey broke every law in the book to. Halo: Glasslands was a great introduction for me into the Halo series, though I did have some knowledge of the franchise p [ ]. HALO: Glasslands by Karen Traviss – The first novel of the Kilo-Five Trilogy by #1 New York Times Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!.

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She was also the lead writer on the blockbuster Gears of War 3 video game from Epic Games. Glasslands From Halopedia, the Halo wiki.

Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss

Before leaving, boook hands Halsey a picture of a plaque with her name and epitaph on it. There wasn’t a lot of action in this novel, but I didn’t mind that – I really enjoyed the small cast of characters and the background into Sangheili culture. Aug 29, C. It seemed to me that they were on that ship for like a week, but apparently it had been months? I especially liked that we got bool Doctor Halsey’s head about the fact she’s just lost her daughter, Miranda Keyes, and that she doesn’t have any beliefs or remaining loved ones to provide her comfort during this time.

But it’s well paced and the characters are interesting. The Fall of Reach. Admiral Paragosky seems like a petty character from a “Soap” as opposed to the cold calculating tactician that she is portrayed in the previous books. There she was writing about soldiers that were lied to and misused by their governments, following clues and hunting down information around a variety of environments to solve some sort of problem and she tries to recreate that style here. On Sanghelios, Thel ‘Vadam pleads for unity and the regaining of their independence, casting blame of their current situation on the Great Schism rather than the humans and announces his intention to sign a peace agreement with humanity.


Is there anything wrong? Osman then notifies the crew that Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood is traveling to Vadam to talk to the Arbiter and they will accompany him.

The Sandman Vol 1: The way the characters are written only makes things infinitely worse. More books in this series: Hood and the Arbiter discuss peace and the problems they must deal with. Next to what the humans devised gear wise and enhancement wise, there is also the Forerunner technology which still remains somewhat obscure but now there are some of the Engineers that descended from the Forerunner helping the humans. Suddenly Jul is ambushed and captured by Naomi. Apr 07, Anthony rated it did not like it.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.

Halo: Glasslands | Halo Nation | FANDOM powered by Wikia

When I started reading in Halo: Only a few parts of this book were enjoyable for me to read and, what a surprise, those were the parts where Karen left her dramatic writing style of self righteous inner conflict and actually started to creatively write, starting to SHOW what the characters were feeling, and thinking, and leading us to extrapolate from that, instead of her just weirdly inserting it wherever she glaswlands like.

I grew quite attached to Kilo-five and I still hold out that we will see a return to to their actions early in the novel. Traviss was too heavy handed with Halsey, it felt like she was hammering in a finishing nail with a sledgehammer.

May 29, Callum Shephard rated it did not like it. A major character in Ghosts of Onyx, Lucy was one of two survivors of the pyrrhic Operation: Page upon page upon page of dull exposition, short descriptors, and glacial plot development all leading up to a decent 50 pages and While investigating their surroundings they are reminded that they only have provisions for 15 days and beyond that time they are going to have to find something to drink and eat.


I would would probably give this book a 4 instead of 3 star rating bok it weren’t for an overwhelming negative tone towards the Spartan project. As Phillips unlocks another arum, it turns out to contain a warning from the Abiding Truth.

If you are a fan of the Halo franchise, then you are going to love this entry. Triple Zero Star Wars: That being said this is the first novel of trilogy that from my understanding will lead into Halo 4. Or anything else along those lines. When Halsey learns of the Spartan-IIIs, she is genuinely concerned for them the same way that she was for the IIs, and intends to find out Mendez’s part in the program.

Literally, if I had to describe the plot of this book, I would say it’s about turning Halsey into Satan, making all current characters in the Hhalo universe hate Halsey, and then inventing more characters to hate Halsey just for good measure. Road of Trials Stephen King 9.

Thinking about it now I guess that was, in part, the point of the title “Glasslands,” looking back on the devastating effects of the war. I didn’t get that time span from her writing. Six hours later, the corvette gkasslands slipspace near Venezia in order to meet with destroyer Monte Cassino to transfer Spenser and Muir.

Yes, yes it is. But there are still some loose ties that need to be fastened.

His detective skills are put to the test as the Mad Hatter begins kidnapping Gotham citizens for an unknown purpose.

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