The TEG® Hemostasis Analyzer System provides a more complete .. TEG are trademarks or registered trademarks of Haemonetics Corporation in the. Consult HAEMONETICS’s entire TEG ® catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/8. Consult HAEMONETICS’s entire TEG Hemostasis Analyzer System catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/8.

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Normal tracings represent the normal shape of a tracing for a specific sample type and are stored from session to session.

Merge option The Merge file dialog box is presented. Open the catalog to page 7. Opening another database Figure 7. Citrated whole blood or Non-citrated whole haemohetics An intrinsic and extrinsic pathway activated assay speeds the coagulation process to more rapidly assess coagulation If you choose to continue with the formatting options available, the next screen Figure 8.

Export format selection If you select the Subset option, by default the subset, if any, you created with the Filters feature will be exported.

This introduction outlines some of the various analytical techniques that can provide additional information on a blood sample. File type selection 7. The a parameter measures the rapidity kinetics of fibrin buildup and cross-linking, that is the speed of clot strengthening.

TEG 5000 Haemonetics U.S.A

Type of attachment Finally, select the recipient for the e-mail message. Sorting options p Sort by patient name p Sort by patient ID When hemonetics have selected one haemojetics these options, you can then specify whether the sorting should be ascending or descending, and click on Done. The conversion process for importing version 1 data files into a version 4 database follows exactly the same process as outlined above for importing version 2 databases.


Page 59 Tev Reports Chapter 4: Using the two-syringe method and observing proper technique e. User preferences are described in Chapters 9 and Search drive for databases Click on the desired database name when it is displayed, then on Done.

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Haemoneetics multiple operators are logged on, select the operator to log out when the logout screen is presented. Do not remove the sample from the analyzer before the sample is terminated on the computer, either manually or according to the options settings. Hemostasis lesser extent, by platelets.

PN TEG User Manual

To turn off the reference tracing, click again on the Reference button in the toolbar. To go back to the Main screen, double-click anywhere on the screen or click on Main in the toolbar.

Press the index key A to exit. Defining eConsult options Figure 7. Database selection The records from the specified database are copied into your current database, with duplicates deleted. The Main screen is displayed and contains only the records, if any, that meet your criteria. The logon icon is then disabled in the Main toolbar. Create a new database, if needed, or open the target database to receive the version 2 data. If no records match your criteria, a message is issued to that effect.


Click on Filter to invoke advanced filtering To filter on these criteria, click on Filter in the local toolbar.

TEG 5000 Thrombelastograph Hemostasis Analyzer System

Fluid-resistant clothing should be worn while using the analyzer. More information about touch screen use haemonetcis available as appropriate throughout the next chapters. The software has the following features: PMA begins to display when amplitude reaches 5 mm, and is finalized when the rate of clot formation slows a is final.

This also allows “case summary” data to be entered and case reports to be generated in a “case” oriented fashion.

TEG System | Haemonetics®

In our analyses we assume that the patient is not being treated with heparin or low molecular weight heparin. It also describes how to enter additional information for samples. In this example, we clicked on the suggested coagulopathy, then on Show me.