Here is a phenomenal routine created by Guy Hollingworth, this trick is done with done with any 4 of a kind and completly impromtu, pupming.

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FutbolFreek Visit Homepage Find latest posts. I can not believe this is with only 4 cards PLUS you can change the four kings to the gjy aces at the end of the routine. Exclusive Forum The Back Room: The effect is amazing and I am sure that you get great reactions from this.

The routine can also be ended with a nice kicker as told by Jordini. However, this is the fruits of my labor. Ty Find latest posts. There’re many moves out there to reverse the next card in line for the effect.

I believe this version can be found in Guy Hollingworth’s Quartet, which is a set of gaffed cards.

Just practice the alignment of this trick and use misdirection while doing the turnover. Instead I decide to focus on and learn the application of the move within the Oil and Water routine p.

For all of you who want to learn this, I beilve that it’s taught on Inside Magic. Mustang Tje user London, England Posts. Mar 3, Jaybs Special user Posts. It’s the first time I had ever seen anything like that.


Waving the Aces by Guy Hollingworth :

Could be wrong though. Keep up the good work. Waving the Aces – Guy Hollingworth not 2aces routine.

For those of you that know the effect, you’ll see that my handling is drastically different and the ending is not even there. You can do it in front of people eyes! Way too many people come on here and ask for things that they expect to be handed on a silver platter because they are Or think that they are magicians.

It’s amazing, people will criticize you for “biting the hand that feeds you,” while they’re busy praising the hand that beats them. I’ve been using the side of the leg technique to do the turnover.

RJohnson Find latest posts. Just play with it a little and you’ll come up with something. The only thing I would advise is to not drop your left hand out of camera frame each time you prepare to turn another card. You don’t have to use the turnover Guy uses. I am very impressed. I will prepare a video for MVD. An effort has to be made to find out things on your own.

I know I sure don’t! Nass Find latest posts.

Waving the Aces

I’ve been performing this routine for a few years now. Also, a little history an older version of this routine was done on worlds greatest magic, tne you know it’s good lol: For you Torn and Restored fans it also contains Reformation. But it’s got some very hard stuff on it- not wavng beginners! Twice is an Education!! I think the turnover move in the original handling is covered better. Also after a visual change, you should have no problem twisting on the off beat. Hi Swamy, good to see you again I altered the handling alittle bit so I only have to use the leg turnover once.


The Magic Cafe Forums – Hollingworth’s Waving the Aces

Good misdirection should cover the turnover I think guy hollingworth does the turnover using the side of his leg. I was just wondering how many of you actually use Guy Hollingworth’s Waving the Aces in your shows.

Only thing is, I believe you said that you would do the last change without movement or talking, but you went ahead while talking and snapped and waved the queens for the last reveal.