Japanese Gutai movement energetic approach exemplified the freedoms available in the The Gutai Group Collage Jirõ Yoshihara, ‘The Gutai Art Manifesto’. The Gutai Manifesto With our present awareness, the arts we have known up to now appear to us in general to be fakes. fitted out with a tremendous affectation. Yoshihara, the son of an Osaka industrialist, published the Gutai Manifesto in , a year after the Swiss-born Stadler, also the son of an.

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The Gutai Art Association was formed in in Ashiya, a small city lying about 20 km west of Osaka. Their passion to explore new forms yutai expression brought them to outdoor and theatrical settings.

Gutai group – Wikipedia

In global terms, these artists were at the leading edge of avant-garde art. From its beginning, the Gutai Art Association put a particular effort into publication.


Appreciating the innovation that he found, he introduced Gutai to the world alongside Art Informel works through exhibitions he organized: Yoshihara converted some old storehouses he owned in Nakanoshima to open a new exhibition space for Gutai incalling it the Gutai Pinacotheca.

In addition to providing manifedto for group and solo exhibitions by Gutai artists, it functioned as a new base for Gutai activities and became a venue for exhibitions to introduce nanifesto by avant-garde artists from around the world. Their styles, significantly different from those of earlier members, injected fresh energy into the group.

Pamphlet of the exhibition, International Art of a New Era: Informel and Gutai Imai NorioTakasaki MotonaoHorio SadaharuMatsuda Yutakaand other artists working at the forefront of contemporary art joined the Gutai group on the occasion of the 15th Gutai Art Exhibition in New artistic styles included geometrical abstract paintings and the use of industrial gtai, including even motors.

Meanwhile, the early members began to change their styles. For instance, group leader Jiro Yoshihara began producing his trademark circle paintings.

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History of Gutai|Artrip Museum : Osaka City Museum of Modern Art

The year also saw the closure of Gutai Pinacotheca due to the construction of a new expressway ramp. Its successor, the Gutai Mini Pinacotheca opened the following year, The Gutai Art Association was disbanded shortly after the sudden death of its leader, Yoshihara Jiro, on February 10, With its vigorous and innovative activities based in the Kansai region, Gutai had been a leading player in the art world.

The Spirit of an Era exhibition catalog. The National Art Center, Tokyo, Ming Tiampo and Alexandra Munroe. Splendid Playground exhibition catalog.

History of Gutai Early Period: Pamphlet of the exhibition in Paris, Groupe Gutai —