This is a simple, direct and potentially very effective game method. Gunwitch Gun A Bitch Edition – Make The Ho Say “Noooooooo!”. 20 Jul I think is intresting, because is so Natural Game, of course a lot of what Gunwitch says is BS, but here i have put what i found intresting, i just. 4 Nov gunwitch method is total bullshit yo do not read his fuckin book; he tries to act like he is helping you: btut really he knows nothing about pick up.

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The rest has to be filled in to each specific encounter and gunwitcb a little practice and time to get ingrained into you. I’ve actually become more interested in GWM. Lots of families though. Does how someone look in a mug shot of all things somehow negate’s the logic and benefit of their advice? Or, if you’ve got balls of steel, sit down and try it out.

Tough slog for that though. The sex was fantastic with the 5, but my ego wasn’t satisfied.

I here in GWM2 will teach you how to deprogram yourself of all gunwigch shit. If you act like guneitch lover, act like you are in a sexual encounter and assume the behaviours and gunwirch of a great lover, she eventually will start to think you are a waterfowl. And the lone wolves that I saw we’re for the most part attractive.

We wanna work with what looks we have and move them in the right directions for sex better than other guys, not create a non sexual rapport with jokes and funny stories.

These specifics are not to be used individually, but as an overall state that you go into when dealing with a woman. This is a very straight method and hence lays gunwigch on one point that women are equally interested in sex as men are.


Looks, Effort, and their Interrelation: Touch early on also is a HUGE time saver, if she is so uncomfortable with you touching her right from the start as to physically or verbally stop it, NOTHING you say or do, short of saving her life is gonna get her into a sexual state for you.

So you gotta ask yourself, is the chick with the 4. Everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. I did not find one single gunwotch woman in Bloomingdales and I went through all three floors! After an hour the couple left, she stayed, and I approached quickly.

Its SELF help, not becoming “like someone else” right off. And everything to do with how you make her FEEL. I would take his advice because if a guy that looks like him is getting pussy–I’ll listen to what he has to say.

Gunwitch Method Two

Our survival and replication value as males are indeed factors in this game. Of course, as of late, more and more women are admitting their desire for sex and acting on it more casually.

The incomplete nature of it wasn’t on purpose, but merely because through the process I am going to show you here, I had become great with women, desirable to women.

But I’ve had success with it. Or mdthod easier to remember, 1. Enter the area the woman is in — hover around her.

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

Click here to subscribe to my mailing list. The Gunwitch Method is a very direct method of pickupthat concentrates mostly on communicating sexual intent by getting into a sexual ggunwitch. SO u said not too much visualizing Make her crawl back and apologize. Everyone should read this through several guhwitch till they get it. You are getting more turned on as she rubs your upper legs, inching closer, closer, and closer to your crotch.


Well done, and thanks. But keep on experimenting and improving.

Pick Up Artist Encyclopedia | PUA Lingo

Engetsu Senior Don Juan Jan 26, Your friends are not there, and they will never know. It exudes a “confidence” that, makes you speak with a better more attractive tone of voice bedroom voice causes you to hold eye contact better and more sensually causes you to touch her more and more sexually getting her ready for the sexual encounter causes you to keep a level of physical closeness that builds a strong sense of comfort in her causes you to not pander or be a beggar as you realize are just as valuable sexuallyso, you don’t buy her drinks like the rest of the losers do you don’t give insincere compliments like methoe rest of mehhod losers do you don’t pander to her to entertain like the rest of the losers do you don’t brag like the losers do you don’t come off sexually androgynous and hide your masculinity like the losers do And as a result of all this, guhwitch are not branded yet another everyday chump hitting on her.

First, here are my criteria for selecting the women as per his instructions: Otherwise, she’ll tend to associate negative things with you. Your internal state when methkd first see an attractive woman must be one of sexual enthusiasm, horniness, and unapologetic desire.

More on the above, models of engineering or material science can be improved upon or even re-created by the use of induction or modeling because they are tangible and FULLY understood.