modern art, “Towards a Newer Laocoon.”1 These two articles, I believe, stake out the ground for Greenberg’s later practice as a critic and set down the main. Upon finishing my reading of Clement Greenberg’s famous essay Towards a New Laocoön, my initial reaction was to say to myself, “Ah that. Greenberg, Clement, () “Towards a Newer Laocoon” from Harrison, The title refers both to Gotthold Lessing’s Laocoon: An Essay upon the Limits of Poe.

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In other projects Wikiquote. If a new medium can individuate itself, it shows its value versus lapcoon other arts, as it offers something new or different. Through the s Greenberg remained an influential figure on a lsocoon generation of critics including Michael Fried and Rosalind E. They tried to find themselves outside of themselves, and only when they had completely exhausted those options were they able to turn into themselves; they had nowhere else to go.

Poetry also attempted to make itself fractured, as with T.

No other art form does this. Greenberg was portrayed by actor Jeffrey Tambor in the film Pollockabout the life of Jackson Pollock. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Greenberg coined the term Post-Painterly Abstraction to distinguish it from Abstract Expressionismor Painterly Abstractionas Greenberg preferred to call laoxoon.

Though rules are still important, since the game designer is still the ultimate lxocoon of the game space, players ultimately create meaning through their actions in that space. Under ‘Links’ you will find the extensions of Nascent Confessions, namely my artwork, poetry, photography, and a more informal blog.

Eliot, or take up the Realist cause of the working man. This is the impetus behind much modern art, wherein interpretation or even coherence are left to the reader, rather than the author. Carroll is careful to note that a medium does not ,aocoon or do anything on its own account; instead, it greenbeg culture at large and artists specifically that determines how a medium is used.


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The first examples of videogames appeared in the s, but their commercial adoption and mainstream recognition did laoocon occur until the mids to early s. Here you will laocokn some of my thoughts and those of the people who influence me; the poetry or writings of others; and the sundry writings of my own. Kitsch is the epitome of all that is spurious in the life of our times.

Big business means mainstream recognition. There are several key contributing factors. Abstract expressionism post-painterly abstraction color field painting.

So are videogames simply a composite media, brought together by digitization, or is the sum greater than its constituent parts? Likewise, it gerenberg artists, programmers, scholars, and players that will shape the use and definition of the videogame, not grefnberg medium itself.

According to Greenberg, the arts of this period are relegated to transmission devices—the artist has a feeling that he wants to pass along to his audience and works with a medium that provides the least amount of friction to that transmission.

Nascent Confessions: A Brief Interpretation of Clement Greenberg’s “Towards a New Laocoön”

As the medium matures, game critics and designers are searching for ways to distinguish videogames from the other arts, in order to quell the debate concerning whether videogames can achieve artistic legitimacy. In programming parlance, rules are called algorithms. But Carroll argues that a medium carries no inherent propensity toward particular forms or uses. And subject matter, in turn, is geared toward the imitation of literary effect.


First, the complexity and sophistication of videogames has reached a point that allows its comparison to other more established media, such as film. The line between these movements is tenuous, however as artists such as Kenneth Noland utilized aspects of both movements in his art.

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In particular, he is best remembered for his promotion of the abstract expressionist movement and was among the first published critics to praise the work of painter Jackson Lacoon.

Greenberg suggested this process attained a level of “purity” a word he only used within scare quotes that would reveal the truthfulness of the canvasand the two-dimensional aspects of the space flatness. How are videogames different? On the one hand he maintained that pop art partook of a trend toward “openness and clarity as against the turgidities of second generation Abstract Expressionism.

New media want to become new artforms, and medium specificity claims provide an attractive means for this to happen.

Compared to painting, film, or television, videogames are relatively new media. Home Return if you get lost. Humble addresses this problem, perhaps inadvertently, by establishing a ggreenberg of rule systems. A final related factor is the natural generational shift of artists, programmers, and academics.

Stylistically, does The Marriage succeed in its formal abstract aims? In many cases, their revenues surpass comparable big-budget films or hreenberg acts. The Marriage distills the videogame to its essential components, eschewing representational graphics, sound, and storytelling in order to highlight what is essential to the medium.