Posts about barrons wordlist written by grepicture. Synonyms – absolution, condonation, excuse, forgiveness, pardon, remission. Antonyms – Arrest. Barrons Synonyms and Antonyms – Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF Word List of Synonyms and Antonyms Barron’s GRE(12th Edition)_1. The GRE Word List offers you the meaning of the word or definition, synonyms and antonyms and picture clues and helps you in guessing the word. However if .

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Usage — Children dwelling in abject poverty. Asghar ali on A List Synonyms — afield, astray, awry, wrong, imperfectly. It becomes puzzling for the student and he tends to come into the trap and choose the synonym as the answer. Usage — We were waiting for the storm to abate. Usage — Frogs are amphibians. Antonyms — increase, intensify, magnify.

Antonyms — abomination, inconvenience, disruption, misbehavior Usage — The job offered me a great pay and various amenities. Antonyms — dislike, hate, hatred. Before attempting the question, you must understand the meaning of the given word.

Synonyms — betterimprovemeliorate, amend, help, upgrade. Without understanding the meaning and the context of the word, you will forget the words in the longer run for eg. Usage — Bush abdicated his witn. Usage — Something is amiss. Antonyms — definite, distinct, distinctive, shaped, shapely. Synonyms — absolution, condonation, excuse, forgiveness, pardon, remission.

Usage — They suspected an ambush. Enter your email address: Share with your friends. Antonyms — good, right, well. Usage — It can be ameliorated by prior treatment with a pulse of corticosteroids.


Synonyms — ambush, ambuscade, bushwhack, waylay. Usage — The aberrant nature listt Heart pulses. Usage — Gelatin is amorphous until it is placed in a mold. Usage — The prisoner pleaded for amnesty. Out of the options, if there is no word that is exactly opposite to the given word, then you must locate the word closest to the opposite.

barrons wordlist | VOCABULARY MADE EASY

Usage — An amicable settlement synonys reached. A List A List A List A List A List A List A List A List A List ablution abnegation abode abrogate abscission abscond wiht absolve abstain abstract abstruse abusive abut accoutre accretion accrue acerbity acme acne acquiesce acquit acquittal acrid acrimonious acrophobia antonyms barrons wordlist cat cat vocabulary cat words cet dictionary gm gma gmat gmat practice gmat prep gmat verbal gmat vocabulary gmat words gre gre barrons gre exam gre help Gre picture words gre practice gre prep gre preparation gre verbal gre verbal section gre vocabulary gre words guru’s wordlist guru wordlist how to prepare for gmat how to prepare for gre mat mba online pictionary online picture dictionary online picture words pictionary picture dictionary picture vocabulary power word synonyms test gmat toefl toefl words vocabulary word wordlist word pictures word power words with picture.

Antonyms — unfriendly, hostile. Synonyms — bulk, magnitude, mass, size, volume, bigness, greatness, largeness, magnitude, sizableness, Antonyms — rareness, emptiness, incompleteness, need, void, want. Usage — The patient was allowed to ambulate in the room. Synonyms — biddable, compliant, conformable, docile, obedient, submissive, supple, tractable.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Usage — Amity between the two nation will contribute to the prosperity of the region. Usage — He felt abased when his clothes were removed. Usage — Abhor the sin, not the sinner.


This site uses cookies. Usage — Abu Allibi was killed for abetting Bin laden.

Synonyms — affair, love, love affair, romance. Antonyms — discord, dislike, hatred, hostility. Not only should you learn these words, you should look up for their opposites as well.

Synonyms — comfortsconveniencescreature comforts. You could use etymology or word root analysis to remember and retain words too. Synonyms — deviation, variation, distortion, disorientation, error. You will find that a synonym is invariably added as an answer option in order to confuse antonhms students. However if you can’t guess it, don’t worry apart from the listed GRE words there are lots of examples involving the word usage that ultimately helps you remember and retain the word.

Read Test takers test experiences and success stories. Usage — The task was held in abeyance.

GRE word list with antonyms – Rose Mount Institute of Languages

Antonyms — composed, emboldened, proud, reassured. Synonyms — relinquish, renounce, reject, cast off, disclaim. In that case, you can use the elimination method and eliminate the options that are not relevant one-by-one and arrive at the answer.

Antonyms are words that mean the opposite of another word. A List Posted on January 22, by grepicture. Synonyms — amative, concupiscent, erotic, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinous, lustful, lusty, passionate, prurient, sexy. Synonyms — friendship, cordiality. Synonyms — aid, assist, support, encourage, incite, instigate.