Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology (Gotrek & Felix Book 18) – Kindle edition by Nathan Long, John Brunner, Josh Reynolds, Jordan Ellinger, Ben McCallum, David. Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology is an anthology in the Gotrek & Felix (novel series) Gotrek and Felix join forces with another slayer and his human companion. For those who have never met them, Gotrek and Felix are unsung heroes of the Warhammer fantasy Empire, the dwarven slayer* Gotrek.

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He’s very single-minded about it, and his obsession leaves little else of interest to write explore in the character.

Gotrek and Felix

Blake rated it it was amazing Aug 25, A Place of Quiet Assembly John Brunner A quite short but engaging tale and one that only really features Gotrek and Felix as feelix guests, instead the focus is firmy placed on Henkin Warsh who returns to his college after 20 years to find less has changed than it should have, or perhaps more is hidden than it ever was?

But, there’s still some interesting plot twist in the book. To my inextensive knowledge, there are next to no tales of Araby in Black Library fiction and so seeing part of the culture and the people of Araby was highly enjoyable. Mind-stealer is right on par with all the other stories in the anthology that I really liked.

Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology

The Funeral of Gotrek Gurnisson Richard Salter I wouldn’t get upset by paying too much attention to the title of this story, Gotrek doesn’t really die, instead we are treated to another classic Gotrek and Felix episode which include those sneaky Skaven, a dire fleix to the empire and even a cameo appearance by Ulrika the Vampire.


The always lovable as only a slayer can be Anhology is joined by another slayer, brand-new to the job of seeking a glorious death in battle, Grudi Halfhand. Mar 11, Gavin Gates rated it really liked it.

So I had extremely high expectations of this novella and I was certainly not disappointed. Gotrek and Felix Beastslayer by William King.

See each listing for international shipping antholoogy and costs. Return to Book Page. Gotrek and Felix, the Second Omnibus Warhammer: I do like Warhammer stories written outside of The Empire — it helps to bring the world to life. Dunnis a senior editor for Black Library. Write a reader anthokogy Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.

Keep up with News and Reviews in a weekly digest! The slow pace, the focus on Warsch, the near incidental cameo from Gotrek and Felix and all made for a very unenjoyable experience.

Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology by Christian Dunn

The only thing I can fault this short story on is that it is perhaps too cheerful of a Warhammer story by the time the final climax anv. The Anthology book review was written by Joe Warren. Sep 05, Paul Skelding rated it liked it. And some quite funny Ogres at that.


We want your experience with World of Books to be en It made for quite an engrossing side-plot. Again, the story has a fair amount of ultraviolence which is over the top.

Oscilla tra il colpo di genio ed il plagio spudorato! It’s great at times, but a few of the stories were uneven in my opinion. About Gotrek and Felix Shop the extensive inventory of games including Warhammer fantasy dwarfs! This page was last updated: This was a story that makes me want to see more Gotrek and Felix from Andy.

Gotrek and Felix are very much the sideshow here to showcase a down-on-his-luck businessman Henkin Warsch.

Legends of Fantasy John Joseph Adams 8. When reading a short story, I almost never like it when a key part of the actual ending itself is shown right in the beginning.

Decent pacing, lots of descriptions that make for a fairly atmospheric narrative, and some average characterisation make this just a decent story. It really kills the fun of reading the story and figuring things out for myself. I didn’t think anyone could fill William King’s shoes after he stopped writing for Black Library, but Nathan Long has impressed me. His opinions are always clear and concise. Tihamer rated it it was amazing Aug 23,