Gooberz is a massive semi-autobiographical poem published in by astrologist Linda Goodman. Split into twenty one cantos, the poem entwines significant. 2 Jun Linda Goodman. “Gooberz” is not a normal book. It is an experience, and as you read it, it becomes a part of your story, or you become a part of. See Tweets about #gooberz on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation.

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Gooberz by Linda Goodman

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Feb 10, Munchkin rated it it was amazing. Such a great book! Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Kennedy and his brother Robert F. I had an astrological reading last year with Ellias Lonsdale, who practices star genesis astrology, a form of astrology which takes the entire cosmos into account, not just the planets. Beautiful, mystical and poetic. After a prolonged period of mourning, she believes she has found him in the body of a younger, mysterious man whom she meets by chance in a bookstore. While I respect LG immensely, she and her books helped open the eyes of millions and helped in the spiritual evolution of this planet through popular culture, I also think she dropped the ball by not stressing the interior work as much as the exterior methods.

Hardcore pornography for a love addict’s soul!

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The funny thing is, seven years before I read Star Signs when I was fourteen I use to draw backwards spirals with a star at the beginning and a ball at the end.

In the days before the internet and Amazon, I found a copy of it in my local library and photocopied every page. Beautiful, mystic A book unlike a book. Mar 23, Hooberz rated it liked it. I meditated on it a bit more and it makes sense now.


There’s perhaps too much information to digest and so it’s best to absorb it gradually. Gooberz by Linda GoodmanHardcover 2 product ratings 5. Ogoberz and Jill Gooberzz up the hill To fetch a pail of water Jack fell down booberz broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after It has been a very strange, exciting and exhilarating past few days and weeks in Montreal as I watch people taking to the streets in record numbers, old structures crumbling before our very eyes, old assumptions flying out the window, total strangers talking to each other like old friends.

My time with this book provoked big inner shifts as Googerz read. Blog Stats 1, hits. They have a passionate love affair, but ultimately he breaks up with her and leaves, marking the beginning of another agonizing period of grief for the narrator. If so, tell her she is missed.

For far too long, people have remained silent, hiding in their cubicles. A book unlike a book. That hill and cross is literally the dividing line between Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley.

Sep 29, Jonathan Martin rated it really liked it. I bought this for a friend in India who had to overcome too many challenges to get this in his hands. Read More, Spend Less. My father gave me this in hardcover a few years back and it took me awhile to accept the way it was written, as I’m not used to reading too much poetry.

Sep 10, Laura Lewis rated it it was amazing. Beautiful poetry in this book. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You can read about it here:. The more I thought about itit became like a jigsaw puzzle which came together. It makes you understand the colors of love.

It is like an entire book of prose. Head down, mouth shut.

Aug 09, Katie Thomas added it. This book was my spiritual bible during my late teenage and early adult years. Sep 02, Marybeth rated it really liked it. Part II will highlight the ceremony and what actually went down. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Aug 07, Pamira rated it it was amazing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It separates Hollywood to the south, from the San Fernando Valley to the north. Discover the I and O, the s-elf and twin s-elf, the sinister truth about Unicorns – the Night Mare and how your Spirit ca A hefty tome written almost entirely in rhyme, where the author takes you on a sort of autobiographical journey through the bizarre Oober galaxy, oversaw by Master Gooberz and partly guided by Goberz the dog.


It’s by goberz famous astrologist “Sun Signs” Linda Goodman and is somehwat of an epic poem.

Gooberz by Linda Goodman (, Hardcover) | eBay

Somehow, somewhere i tended to identify with the characters in the book. A lot of people I’ve noticed here have called the book magical. Untitled by Tucker CarlsonHardcover Every single time I did gooherz, I would get exactly what I needed for that point in my life.

Wisdom is unearthed from christianity to paganism, the power of numbers and hidden meanings in words, synchronicity, reincarnation, astrology and general mysticism. Gooberz by Linda GoodmanHardcover. Reading this book is like spending a month drinking sangria and listening to a Californian astrologer tell gooebrz her whimsical-magical interpretation of her own life story People who want to maintain the status quo and who benefit the most from the current system, are completely terrified and are doing their best to kill these citizen-directed protests movements.

Gooberz by Linda Goodman.