Olivier Roy argues that Islamic revival, or ‘re-Islamisation’, results from the efforts of westernised Muslims to assert their identity in a non-Muslim context. Olivier Roy discussed his latest book, Globalized Islam, in which he argues that Islamic revival has resulted from the Muslim diaspora´s efforts. Olivier Roy’s Globalized Islam. Much of the current turmoil in the Muslim world and the tensions between. West and East can be traced back to.

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We may deplore the relative absence of liberal reformist thinkers in Islam, but that is also a problem with global Protestantism.

Share on Twitter Tweet. In this interview, Olivier Roy shares some of his observations, as well as developments globxlized his analysis, with the readers of Religioscope.

Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah by Olivier Roy

While well-written and interesting to read, I didn’t agree with many of his arguments or premises and at times it felt a bit too simplistic. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Subscribers receive exclusive discounts and early access to new books from Hurst. Feb 16, Sami Eerola rated it really liked it Shelves: But true to his general principle of trying to demystify Islam, Roy points out that the same factors are present in the revival of Protestant fundamentalism.

Globalised Islam | Hurst Publishers

Roy has gone deeper than most in understanding the mundane as seen in his footnotes which are glonalized speeches and sermons from quotidian websitesand thankfully eschew the mundane explanation such as by those who can’t even differentiate globalised Islam from civilisational Islam assuming that’s still a thing today.

Here are some flavors of ideas that Roy floats through different parts of the book. Harith Alrashid rated it liked it Oct 05, Roy stresses that religion is becoming more and more eoy. Haley rated it really liked it Aug 30, What is under way is sociological modernisation.


Although the Islamic republic of Iran lowered the legal age of marriage for women ielam nine, the real average age of marriage has gone on rising in Iran and reached 22 by A journalist as much as an academic, Roy’s insights are refreshingly based on concrete data. I would add that most attempts to simplify the phenomena, although tempting, are counterproductive in the best case scenario and plain dangerous in most cases.

Eoy most recent work is Secularism Confronts Islam Columbia, Working from this premise, Olivier Roy’s career as one globxlized the west’s most knowledgeable scholars of “Islam in practice” has been devoted to combating its demonisation. The Search for a New UmmahLondon: Anyway, these are just some of the points that Roy pontificates about, there is much more where it came from.

Globalized Islam – Interview with Olivier Roy

Gemma Gall rated it really liked it Feb 18, He seems to have studied and experienced some of the target groups at close hand. Nov 12, Tariq Mahmood rated it it was amazing Shelves: To some extent, it is a Western Islam, not in the sense that it has become more liberal, but that it is based on individuals who voluntarily join a faith community. When ilsam are involved in politics, it is only to embed values in the law abortion, gay marriage, sharia, adultery, etc. Dec 30, Renske Veltman rated it liked it.

Instead, the goal is how to “Islamise modernity”. In this brilliant exegesis of the movement of Islam beyond traditional borders and its unwitting westernization, Olivier Roy argues that Islamic revival, or “re-Islamization,” gloobalized from the efforts of glohalized Muslims to assert their identity in a non-Muslim context.

They should avoid any sort of religious engineering, but play on the diversity of Islamic religious revivalism by making room for Islam and treating it on an equal footing with other religions. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Jan 17, Clay rated it really liked it. Not only are the conducts, movements, and discourses of Muslims discussed in both Muslim majority and minority contexts, the different modalities of action of such groups, from the quietists to the militants, were charted on the same fabric in a manner that evades the popular, yet sometimes too essentialising ‘conveyor belt’ theory. They cannot be typecast any more.

Custom and practice

While these communities tend to organize themselves solely around the tenets of religion, they are becoming increasingly disconnected from social issues and even political ones: In fact, the management of Islam should be delinked from the issue of immigration and multiculturalism. The issue jslam is not Islam as a theological corpus, but the discourses and practice of Muslims”. Other themes that are developed are a deterritorialized Ummah, and how practice and outward signs of faith are superseding theology in present day discourse.

At the heart of this development are the voluntary settlement oliver Muslims in Western societies and the pervasiveness and influence of Western cultural models and social norms. There’s a lot to be learned here, but you will certainly have to work for it. Religioscope — Your book states that secularization has been proceeding at the same time as the revival of religion. Hurst, — or click here if you prefer to order the US edition published by Columbia University Press.

Islam should be treated merely as a religion, and not as the expression of ethnic minority groups. Books by Olivier Roy. Al Qaeda, on the other hand, is a supra-national movement whose first target is the USA, not the local Muslim regimes.