Not much is known about this Bujinkan Ryu. Soke Hatsumi has not taught much, if any of it in public that I am aware of. What I know of this Ryu is lim. Gikan ryu Koppojutsu “School of truth, loyalty and justice” The Gikan school is almost unknown, as it was never publically taught. The founder of this martial art . 年6月1日 According to the traditions of Gyokko Ryu of Sakanoue Taro Kunishige (坂上太郎 国重), Uryu Hangan Gikanbo founded it around the middle of.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. What may not be apparent in the photos is what he is doing with his left hand. Takamatsu Sensei awarded the Gikan ryu to Akimoto Fumio who was his senior student. Possibly the main reason for this is that the secret techniques were only handed down from one Soke to the next Soke, this would often be from father to son.

From what we understand there are no densho in the Gikan Ryu.

Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu

As the story accounts, from this time on, any information concerning Gikan Ryu was held exclusively by Sato Kinbei Sensei in the various forms of knowledge, scrolls and texts. It contains many special kicks, punches and throws. Founded in Uryu Hangan Gikanbo, this school specialises in Koppojutsu. The Bujinkan claim that Hatsumi has taught the school only to a select few, mainly his senior shihan in Japan, adding that the school is taught orally and not through written materials, but again, no one can verify this.

Dan said this on August 21, at However, on 28th FebruaryI had the great fortune to attend a seminar on Shidenfudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu lead by Dr. Takamatsu then gave sokeship of the ryu to Hatsumi. I have experienced that the information I have been sharing freely has been subverted by people seeking to profit from its dissemination.


Unfortunately little of the actual techniques have been taught in the west and so little is known. This site uses cookies. The Makimono scrolls of Gikan Ryu have sections on the kata names, history, secret striking points kyushoand strategies used by the ryu, but research revealed that the makimono, when referring to techniques, only mention the names, and do not contain the step by step instructions as do some makimono.

Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu-Truth, Loyalty and Justice School

Email required Address never made public. Sadly, Akimoto passed away in Gikan Ryu History of Gikan Ryu. He was found by Matsutaro Ishitani, who was himself on the way to the battle. He is seen as being an honorable martial artist who strove to keep Japan at peace. My apologies if this sounds harsh, just endeavouring to be clear bujinshugyo said this on August 23, at You are commenting using your Twitter account.

He was also a master of Hichojutsu, and Senban Nage. It also proved that Soke Hatsumi does have quite a few scrolls that until now he has not shared with people, or at least only a trusted few. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Shoto Tanamura, the soke of the Genbukan, who was at one point a student of Hatsumi Sensei, claims to have inherited the Sokeship from Sato Kinbei who supposedly in January ofwas awarded the sokeship for Gikan Ryu Koppo Jutsu.

I will show this technique at our upcoming black belt seminar and have it filmed for our member website so you can see what it looks like in movement.

He lived in the family castle called Uryujo. During the battle of Tenchi Gumi No Ran August 17ththe tenth grandmaster who was also named Yryu Gikanbo was shot and although he continued to fight with only one arm had eventually to retire after been cut many times. It captured all of my attention. With the exception of Shoden Gata, very little is known about these levels in Gikan ryu.

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The whole range of rhu for the ryu was taught orally. Any chance of posting a high resolution jpg of the original article text. Akimoto died soon thereafter and the sokeship was secretly given to Sato.

This causes me to lean backward, he then steps in with ryi left leg to deliver a right elbow to my shoulder socket area and drive me downward. My body reacts to his elbow strike by bending forward at the waist not captured on camera and he immediately follows with a back fist to my face.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He is said to have fought valiantly, since even after being wounded by a rifle shot, he continued to attack with his one good arm until he was overcome by numerous sword cuts from the enemy. It was however proven in a Japanese court that Shoto Tanamura rgu the Soke of Gikan Ryu, and he has provided the scrolls to prove it. He is said to once gikn punched a sword blade in half.

The Japanese courts ruled that Shoto Tanemura is in fact the Grandmaster of Gikan-Ryu and this ruling still holds today. Gika lineage was proven in a Japanese court. This was done in order to keep the teachings of the school secret in case the scrolls were stolen. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The founder of this martial art system was Uryu Hangan Gikanbo, glkan lived in the Erioku period. Ishitani helped Gikanbo recover in the mountains of Iga.

It was two minutes of training that I was lucky enough to receive. Refund Policy Privacy Policy. Soke Hatsumi has not taught much, if any of it in public that I am aware of.