Results 1 – 8 of 8 Kassoy’s selection of spectroscopes identify even the most subtle variations in chemical compositions. Shop now. Gemstone Identification. The spectroscope breaks up the light being transmitted from a gemstone into its spectral colors, which allows the gemologist to see the various wavelengths that . The spectroscope is a tool for examining which parts of white light are absorbed by a gemstone (as well as by other materials). Materials can.

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Making the red end of the spectrum far easier to read than the prism. Using the spectroscope poses many problems for those who are not familiar with the instrument. Refractometer Return to the Table of Contents. It is with fixed focus and easy to use. First, everything has to be held VERY still. The composite prism and converging lens are installed in the vertical tube. Inside the diffraction grating spectroscope.

However, the prism models will usually have a focus slide control and a light slit control that allows for adjustments in the amount of light entering the unit. Nor can anyone post this information on a for-profit website without written permission. Therefore, before attempting to determine the absorption spectra of gems, it is best to hold the spectroscpoe against some different sources of illumination, such as a fluorescent light bulb, a computer monitor, etc.

Gemstone Spectroscopes – from Kr├╝ss

Here is how the two types work: The wavelengths of light are measured in nanometers. Would buy from again! When white light reaches slectroscope substance, part of the light components may be absorbed by the substance. Ships out within one business day. None of this site can be downloaded for posting on another website or server for any reason.



The prism spectroscope gives a far brighter spectrum, which makes faint lines easier to see. Join IGS today for great benefits! The information may be downloaded by any student, consumer, or jeweler for your own personal study and use.

All these colors travel at different speeds and have their own wavelengths. When you look through a spectroscope you will see lines or bands missing from the colors.


This page was last updated: Gsm you to read a gemstone’s spectral signature. Most people prefer using a stand or mount rather than trying to hold the instrument in their hands. The energy from the absorbed colors or better, “wavelengths” is transformed inside the gemstone into other types of energy, mostly heat. You can see that the elements contained are very different. The other light components residue form the color spectrodcope that substance.

Hold the spectroscope tube, the slit facing the light, a parallel These instruments will usually have a focus slide control as well as a light slit control, allowing for adjustments in the amount of light entering the unit. From the hand held version as shown at the top of this page which is a hand held diffraction grating model.

The black contraption is a stand to help you hold stones of various sizes over the opening.


This produces a linear spectrum image with a generally larger view of the red part than a prism spectroscope. But where do I put the stone and the light source? At the top is a hole and another piece of plastic that turns around. Goodwill of the Great Plains serves as an advocate for economic self-sufficiency through employment and edu Exclusive access to our premium articles and courses Unlimited access to our gem pricing guide Create your own listing in our business directory Participate in our member-only forums Membership options.

Because prism spectroscopes are based on dispersion, the blue area of the spectrum is more spread out and the red parts are more condensed than the diffraction grating types. Newsletter Get gemology news and insights delivered straight to your inbox! Absorption of all wavelengths except red and blue.

The Amici Prism has been the best choice for producing correctly oriented images in these instruments. Can you help me identify what this is and how to use it spectrozcope

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Also shop in Also shop in. Second, you need a lot of light. Skip to main content.

The light enters through a gek slit some models allow you to adjust the width of the slit and is then dispersed through a series of prisms.