GE Environmental Science and Engineering Important Questions GE EVS Part B Important Questions common for all Departments GE GE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING IMPORTANT 16 MARK QUESTIONS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. GE GE Environmental Science and Engineering Two Mark With Answers 2 Mark Question with answer List the important causes of water conflicts?.

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A rapid increase in the size of a population caused by a sudden decrease in death rate or an increase in birth rate is called population explosion. If you are interested in continuing the operations by becoming a moderator, contact me immediately at admin eeecube. Any of the atmospheric gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect are called Green house gases.

What is Noise pollution?

GE2021 Environmental Science and Engineering Important Questions

Species diversity refers to the variety of different types of living things on earth. Addition of excess of undesirable heat to water that makes it harmful to aquatic life is called thermal pollution.

What is soil pollution? State the role and responsibility of an individual in the prevention of pollution? Numeric water level indicator. What are renewable and non renewable energy resources? What do you mean by desertification?


What do you understand by the term smog? Primary air pollutants are those which are emitted directly to the atmosphere. Renewable energy resources are those natural resources which are in exhaustible and can be used to produce energy again and again.

What is air pollution?

Any substance which causes anv the quality of environment is called pollutant. State the significance and scope of environmental education? Rapid engineerint ward movement of a mass of rock,earth or artificial fill or plant debris on a slope is called land slide.

What is hazardous waste? Environmental science and engineering Questions B Anti theft alarm for bikes. Red Data Book is a book that provides data on population status of the endangered species of plants and animals. What is ecological succession?

The detachment and movement of topsoil by the action of wind and flowing water. What is red data book? Reusing involves using a product more than once in its original form. Anna University rules for University Examination. What is doubling time?

Tsunami is a series of large seismic sea waves that can cause major destruction in coastal regions.

Rainwater harvesting is a technology used for collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops, the scince surface or rock catchments. Environmental ethics is the ethical r ealtionship between human beings a nd the environment in which they live.


Anna University – B. Remote controlled fan regulator. Non renewable energy resources are those natural resources which are exhaustible and cannot be replaced once they are used. Disaster management is the process of preparing, supporting, and rebuilding society when natural or human-made disasters occur.

GE Environmental Science And Engineering Important Questions -Nesan 2nd Edition

Conflict between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for Kaveri river 2. Human rights are those basic rights which are essential for the development of human personality such as right to life, liberty, property and security of an indi.

What is meant by point and non point pollution? Which calculator is allowed in Anna University exams?

Desertification is a slow process of land degradation that leads to desert formation.