Funeral Ikos. John Tavener. K. Funeral Ikos Tracklist. 1 Ikon of Light / Funeral Ikos / Carol: The Lamb. Show all albums by John Tavener. Info on the recording by Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars of music by Sir John Tavener. Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Funeral Ikos, for chorus on AllMusic.

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But make commemoration of me with the song: Where then is the glory of this world? Shall we see our brethren there?

Funeral Ikos (Tavener) – from CDGIM – Hyperion Records – MP3 and Lossless downloads

Where, then, around about thee wilt thou gaze, O man? Fare ye well, 0 my friends, my funrral. Music of John Tavener. Why speakest thou no more with us, 0 friend? But whither now- go the souls?

Funeral Ikos, for chorus

Forget me not, when unto the Lord ye pray. Introspection Late Night Funedal. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Youth and the beauty of the body fade at the hour of death, and the tongue then burneth fiercely, and the parched throat is inflamed. I’ve since learned, via a commenter, Robert, that the text comes from an Orthodox liturgy; we’ve seen it in this Google Book, at least: Why speakest thou not, as thou wert wont to speak, but holdest thus thy peace who before with us didst say: With ecstasy are we inflamed if we but hear that there is light eternal yonder; that there is the fountain of our life, and there delight eternal ; that there is Paradise, wherein every soul of Righteous Ones rejoiceth.


John Tavener

Newer Post Older Post Home. Unless thou hast led an upright life, and hast done good to the needy, singing: The John Tavener Collection. The beauty of the eyes is quenched then, the comeliness of the face all altered, the shapeliness of the neck destroyed ; and the other parts have become numb, nor often say: The words are consolatory in tone, though they do not minimize the reality of death, the gateway to Paradise.

The Essential John Tavener on Naxos. January Total duration: It is a setting, both beautiful and austere, of words from the Orthodox service for the burial of priests, in the magnificent translation by Isabel Hapgood.

Streams Videos All Posts. For there are the dread accusers; there, also, the books are opened. Parents, also, are utterly forgotten of their children, whom from their own bodies they have borne and reared ; and they have dropped tears with the song: Tavener’s quest for eternal value led him to convert to Russian Orthodoxy inand much of his music since then has reflected its musical and rituals and those of the Byzantine Church from which it sprang.

A Year at Tewkesbury. We go forth on the path eternal, and as condemned, with downcast faces, present ourselves before the only God.


If thou hast shown mercy unto man, o man, that same mercy shall be shown thee there; and if on an orphan thou hast shown compassion, that same shall there deliver thee from want. There is the worm that sleepeth not; there is the land, all dark and gloomy, where I must be judged.

How dwell they now together there? Naught is so easily forgot as mortal from his brother-mortal parted. Many leaders wilt thou then require, many prayers to accompany thee, to save the ikkos sinner’s soul; until thou come to Christ and say to him: Lo l thou hast abandoned us who love thee.

Dream not, O mortal, of sweetness in this life, but only groan ever with the moan: All my friends do I abandon, funerql go hence. Where then is wealth? Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Shall we see each other there?

Youth and the beauty of the body fade at the hour of death,and the tongue then burneth fiercely, and the parched throat is inflamed. Wherefore, again and 0ft we say: If in this life the naked thou hast clothed, the same shall give thee shelter there, and sing the psalm: I entreat, I beseech, I implore, that ye learn by heart this thing, and mourn for me night and day.