Source that I used for the video: Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Way Does the Evidence Point. Frank Zindler is an American atheist and he is currently the editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheist Press. Frank R. Zindler. Showing all 9 results. Sort by popularity, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low.

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Frank Zindler

Of this letter, it is noted that it was accepted into the church rather slowly. To which we say: Some things zijdler be noted here: Sepphoris was a heavily Hellenized city, full of things which a strict Jew would find offensive; if anything, the avoidance of Sepphoris by Jesus rings of authenticity.

Reading this book, which Von Campenhausen describes as “more jejune and superficial than the Johannine Revelation,” brought to mind another book – Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

Discussion Criterion 4 – Church Usage One final criteria we will consider that may have acted for inclusion of certain books is usage in the church. Materials are preserved in a sacred place. But in July AD, he was called upon by the clergy in Rome to expound upon some views of his that he had been promulgating – and what he said was so shocking that it resulted not only in his excommunication, but also in the return of a substantial amount of largesse that he had donated to the church.

If you don’t turn them over to the authorities, you may be harmed or killed. I say Tiberius never existed. The conclusion is unwarranted, and involves overplaying the disagreements and their importance while ignoring the basic unity of canonical and doctrinal decisions.

Finally the danger is made greater for Lincoln as it is shown that there was a rfank plot to assassinate others at the same time. Pluck it out, and throw it away, and hope that it was not put there under divine guidance! One may as well say that Socrates’ students were made to represent the dumb Greeks, or the students who questioned Confucius represented the dumb Chinese.

His last issue is that “” reads “” in some mss. In any event, being that he was obviously creating his own material, and was not vested with apostolic authority, there was absolutely no reason to recognize anything he wrote or said as being authoritative for Christianity. In that view, it is easy to see why people have had a problem with Revelation; apocalyptic literature takes an acquired taste!


But when that name is written out in Latin, we have a value of However, it was certainly a motivating zind,er in the formation of the canon. Therefore, we can see that there was good reason for these works being on the “fringe” as they were, and in some cases, still are. To try to keep track of all the different wordings in Matthew and other books of the Bible, scholarly editions of the Greek New Testament contain a so-called apparatus criticus, a complicated system of footnotes indicating the major variant readings for each passage in the ‘preferred text None of these works are zondler extant.

Internet Infidels Needs Your Support! We have much to help us make sense of that text: One wonders as well what Zindler means by “astrology” — if he means symbols of an astral nature are used, frznk is correct, but zimdler is no sign of a “stars and planets control things” paradigm, which is what the word means when used today.

The deeds attributed to him frnk done by the Roman Senate, who were in on the conspiracy, and even set zinfler a villa where he supposedly lived in order to fool the masses into thinking there was a Tiberius. In various ways Lincoln was made to zinxler superior to Kennedy and appear to be a greater hero. It comes as no surprise that the works of Clement or works allegedly by him – 2 Clement’s authenticity is questionable were considered by some as worthwhile, for he was a disciple of Peter.

Were books included or excluded because of their inspirational quality? So how did Christianity arise without a historical Jesus, and how did the historical Jesus arise?

This confusion resulted in a fluctuating OT canon on the part of the NT church. Although a number of Christians have thought that church councils determined what books were to be included in the biblical canons, a more accurate reflection of the matter is that the councils recognized or acknowledged those books that had already obtained prominence from usage among the various early Christian communities.

Frank Zindler – The Christ Myth | Point of Inquiry

The New Testament being our focus, let’s ask how much of the NT can we recover and designate as authentic. The rest of the forming canon, however, is still open. In closing on textual criticism, Zindler’s conclusion that “Bible scholars have come to a simple conclusion” that “[t]rying to find the ‘correct reading’ of most biblical MSS is as hopeless – and as meaningless – as trying to find the ‘average voter'” is little nothing short of a blatant misrepresentation of the state of affairs in Biblical textual criticism.

At around the same time, a lesser group called the Alogi rejected the books of Revelation and John’s Gospel, and Hebrews as well, arguing that the first two were not by John the Apostle, but by the heretic Cerinthus ibid. As MacDonald points out, ” i n the broadest definition of the term ‘canon,’ neither the Israelites nor the Christians were ever without a canon or authoritative guide; they always had a story that enabled them to establish their identity and give life to their community.


Except for James, these books are so short that Clement may not have had cause to cite them. Most scholars in this field seem to settle for vague phrases, ranging from speaking of the “retreating mirage” of the original text to Comfort’s assurance that “there are several manuscripts that are quite accurate copies of the original text.

If this book was truly by the companion of Paul, then there might be reason to consider it for the canon.

Brief Biography of

A very persuasive case for a zkndler date is presented by Hahneman from whom we gain much of our material below on the subject. There certainly are, but these are of no more value than the Gospels if we wish to use mythicist logic. When Zindler’s Group B manufactured all of this, he apparently sees Group A cowering in immediate fear with no options. Now, let us consider the process whereby the NT was canonized.

For this we would refer the reader to an excellent article at this location. Marcion was no slouch. And, appeal to Nazareth not existing; see link above.

One further evidence of the inauthenticity of Mark is the fact that in chapter 7, where Jesus is arguing with the Pharisees, Jesus is made to quote the Greek Septuagint version of Isaiah in order to score his debate point.

Wells Thomas Whittaker Frank Zindler. We’ve spent several weekends together talking and laughing and telling stories. Atheist” yearly award twice from American Atheists. Note again that it is apostolic authority that is being used as a criteria for acceptance! Most historians accept the textual accuracy of other ancient works on far less adequate manuscript grounds than is available for the New Testament. Zindler and Wells is apparently unaware that the LXX was accepted for such uses see hereand as the point of the Hebrew is the same hypocrisy for Jesus’ purposes, it hardly matters which authoritative version he used.