Herculine Barbin (Being the Recently Discovered Memoirs of a Nineteenth Century French Hermaphrodite) [Michel Foucault, Richard McDougall] on. With an eye for the sensual bloom of young schoolgirls, and the torrid style of the romantic novels of her day, Herculine Barbin tells the story of. As Michel Foucault notes in his preface to Herculine Barbin, the nineteenth century was haunted by the theme of the hermaphrodite. Among.

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The ingenousness of Herculine, the passionate yet equivocal tenderness which thrusts her into the arms, even into the beds, of her companions, foucxult these pages a charm strangely erotic…Michel Foucault has a genius for bringing to light texts and reviving destinies outside the ordinary. She argues that Barbin’s sexual disposition—”one of ambivalence from the outset”—represents a recapitulation of the ambivalence inherent within the religious law that produces her.

A pious girl in a Catholic orphanage, a bewildered adolescent enchanted by the ripening bodies of her classmates, a passionate lover of another schoolmistress, she is suddenly reclassified as a man.

Views Read Edit View history. About Herculine Barbin With an eye for the sensual bloom of young schoolgirls, and the torrid style of the romantic novels of her day, Herculine Barbin tells the story of her life as a hermaphrodite.

Herculine Barbin

With an eye for the sensual bloom of young schoolgirls, and the torrid style of the romantic novels of her day, Herculine Barbin tells the story of her life as a hermaphrodite. Judith Butler refers to Foucault’s commentary on Barbin at various points in her Gender Troubleincluding her chapter “Foucault, Herculine, and the Politics of Sexual Discontinuity. Jan 30, Pages. She asked him permission to break the confessional silence in order foucsult send for a doctor to examine foucalut.


Jan 30, Pages Buy. She regarded herself as unattractive but sometimes slipped into her friend’s room at night and was sometimes punished for that. This book called an “erotic diary” was actually assigned reading in a political science course. He had the journals republished as Herculine Barbin: In Barbin received a position as an assistant teacher in a girls’ school.

Here, in an erotic diary, is one lost voice from our sexual past. Most of what we know about Barbin comes from her later memoirs.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. When a person demonstrated the physical or mental traits of the opposite sex, such aberrations were deemed toucault or inconsequential. Herculine Barbin was born in as a female.

Although Barbin was in puberty, she had not begun to menstruate and remained flat chested. Account Options Sign in. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The hairs on her upper lip and cheeks were noticeable. Herculine, a full-length play based on the memoirs of Barbin, is by Garrett Heater. Michel Foucault, who discovered these memoirs in the archives of the French Department of Public Hygiene, presents them with the graphic medical descriptions of Herculine’s body before and after her death.

Retrieved from ” https: Eventually rumors about their affair began to circulate. According to Morgan Holmesthe anthropologist Gilbert Herdt has identified Barbin as providing a crisis for “modern ideology” through an identification as neither male nor female, [5] but Barbin’s own writings describe a self-identification as female, albeit an exceptional female.

Herculine was designated female at birth.

Intersex scholar Morgan Holmes states that Barbin’s own writings showed that she saw herself as an “exceptional female”, but female nonetheless. Judith Butlerin her book Gender Troubletakes this as an opportunity to read Foucault against himself, especially in History of Sexuality, Volume I. Michel Foucault discovered the memoirs in the s while conducting research at the French Department of Public Hygiene.


Pages to import images to Wikidata. Third Sex, Third Gender: She fell in love with another teacher, Sara, and Barbin demanded that only she should dress her.

Believing that the memoir evaded discussion about intersex individuals’ anatomy and emotions, Eugenides concluded that he would “write the story that I wasn’t getting from the memoir”.

Regnier reported the death, recovered the memoirs and performed an autopsy. Also by Michel Foucault. The collection of memoirs inspired Jeffrey Eugenides to write Middlesex. Specifically, Butler cites the “institutional injunction to pursue the love herucline the various ‘sisters’ and ‘mothers’ of the extended convent family and the absolute prohibition against carrying that love too far”.

Herculine Barbin by Michel Foucault | : Books

Her family was poor but fouacult gained a charity scholarship to study in the school of an Ursuline convent. This page hercline last edited on 3 Octoberat Barbin also appears as a character in the play Hidden: Regions of Sexuality 8.

A Gender by Kate Bornstein. Archived from the original on Retrieved from ” https: She was assigned as a girl and raised as such; her family referred to her as Alexina. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Foucault explained in his introduction that the objective of social institutions was to restrict “the free choice of indeterminate individuals”.