I got a copy of the Forbidden Patterns E-book by Jack Ellis. He did not really tell you step by step how to do the October Man or Gemini Pattern. What the hell is it, and why is it forbidden? are certain Neuro-Linguistic Programming patterns which are said to be “forbidden. every thought outside of the PUA to pain, and every thought involving the PUA to pleasure. Alex Domnikov – Original Forbidden Patterns ( Kb eBook) To get new PUA materials to you mailbox every week please subscribe to our mailing list, using.

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Anyone who is interested in seduction will at one point or another fall upon the October Man Sequence, and other methods of such nature.

Notify me of new comments via email. Mon Nov 07, 9: When it was first published in the eBook format, the October Man Sequence caused a controversy in the dating and seduction community.

Please be patient, guys! First, many are skeptical as to whether any NLP “pattern” could create the results proponents of this particular sequence claim. It’s difficult to dispute with each other about this topic, because everybody will do like he wants despite your comments We want your email address. Your post made me more curious about what you are talking about than dissuade me about using forbidden patterns.

This technique not only emotionally distorts the subject into a state of feeling disoriented with the outside world, but also creates a feeling of safety within the PUA’s presence, building a disorienting semi-dependency.

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Location Egypt,Cairo Posts Anybody who want should be aloud see them, they’ll learn a lesson in what doesn’t work. I noticed you were shutting down discussions on ofrbidden patterns on a forum so I figured you were the right person to get some advice from. For instance, a politician will present himself fotbidden associate himself with pleasure, good feelings, hope, etc.


This is because the inherent manipulative and insidious nature of these patterns make them, according to these “gurus,” morally unacceptable as public knowledge. Now what if you were to step into your shadow right now, and see the world through the eyes of your shadow. How to use the October-man sequence on women.

All great political figures have a Jesus-appeal, which is why as mentioned earlier, on Fox News, they indirectly praise Obama by referring to him as: The “October Man Sequence” is one of the most sought after of these patterns. What would that say about the person that you were before and what does this say paatterns who you are now?

Indeed,saying how dangerous and how powerful it is would actually tease newbies.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Compliance, like the Forbidden Patterns, are incredibly effective, if done correctly. Now, this sense of balance is very important because the forbidren that whatever you repress grows and begins to spill over into other parts of your life.

Maybe when I said the “doesn’t work”, I should have said they are “ineffective”. Cut the association and rewire those links to something better or resolve the internal issues altogether.

About Me Chief started learning pickup and seduction in The Attraction Arsenal Ebook 2. His views on seduction and dating have been largely influenced by his experience as a musical performer, American culture, and Zen Buddhism. Chief Geronimo, great leader of the Apache indina tribe of Pqtterns.

Political figures throughout recent history- good and bad- have made their marks in captivating the masses on a mass scale:.

That 5 year old girl uses NLP on her parents by sobbing exaggerating in order to get them to buy her that Barbie doll. This shit is dangerous in the wrong handsA very little example is the EV routine of StyleIn no time the target feels amazing esp.

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So balance then is a good thing, and Jung believed that the first part of our lives is about separation from the shadow, while the latter part of our lives is about integration with the shadow and about being whole.

Christians do not enjoy hearing this, but If that is your goal, I recommend closing your eyes while trying to focus intensely on that feeling of sexual tension and associating those feelings to your husband by simultaneously imagining all of moments you enjoyed with your husband while feeling those strong sexual urges.

In other news, I received a rather unfortunate message today from a distressed woman who has fallen victim to a selfish, inconsiderate, and immoral asshole:. Wed Jan 18, 6: October 5, at 4: Thu Nov 03, 7: Also, hasd forbudden read the Forbidden Patterns and know exactly how to apply the Gemini routine or October Man routine? People who are great at Neuro-Linguistic Programming: I like to steer the car in a relationship. The people who don’t give a fuck about another’s well-being.

Is there any pattdrns you can relieve yourself of any sexual tension and frustration through sex with your husband? Originally developed by seductionists In10se and Swinggcat, the October Man Sequence is so sought after because it is said to be the single most powerful NLP routine made for use in seduction, and, one could argue, because of the fact that it is touted as a big, bad “forbidden” secret, known only to the best of the best.

Apparently, it is a new technology in seduction which is supposedly able to make a woman want to sleep with a man in a matter of minutes.