Do you also find the manufactures manual confusing? Use this quick-start guide! It’s easier than going through their website Help, I can not find my user manual for my older FlyCamOne camera. If anyone has the pdf I’d like to get a copy. (Why didn’t they put the user. Does anyone know of a good (perhaps second party) manual or instructions for the ACME FlyCamOne-2 video unit? The one that comes with.

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The CarcamOne is recording 15 minutes videos. Speed is the speed recording mode with only one frame per second — specially used for nature recordings. While charging the light is red and turns green as soon as it is fully charged. Thus the camera can be orientated to look straight ahead or straight down or use any angle in between.

The charging process is indicated by the LED and is finished after about 2 hours.

FCHD13which loads the camera and transfers data to the computer. The red spot shows the activated recording.

ACME FlyCamOne Manual

Quote message in reply? Battery charging The inside battery is not fully charged when being purchased. Anyone have any thoughts on what the problem might be. The result was remarkably good given the watery winter light and the very low sun angle. When stopping the engine, also the camera will close the file and shut down. Page 6 – “Left” and “Right” as well flycamond the button “M” do have a double key mapping. The oblong indicates the activated timestamp, followed up by the nanual.


FlyCamOne eco V2

Originally Posted by macboffin If yours didn’t come with the carrier with mirror, shown on the last page of the manual, and you need one, enables forward view with camera “edge-on, lower drag I have spare one.

Mode selection The camera starts in external mode that can be used directly for recording. At take off the side panels. Furthermore ACME will not guarantee the content in case the recording or saving is not working properly. This is not a defect and will not have any impact to the recorded video or photo! Simply plug in a Li-Poly battery, insert a Micro SD card and select the mode using the on-board push-button.

FlyCamOne – version 2 – Accessories

Video recording When switching on the camera you can start recording immediately pressing the “Start” button. May 15, This is very easy and intuitive. The camera is small enough to be carried by the lightest of models. FCHD 13 Exchange the Lens To exchange to another lens, turn the head to get access to the 4 screws at the backside. Page 9 Now you can use the camera – note that you need a microphone for audio transmission.


Using a 32GB card allows a recording time of 4,5 hours at highest resolution. Page 12 Exchange the frame set Individualizise your Cam!

Display icons Top left you can see the selected mode. Check connection between camera and battery.

Well thanks to the FlyCamOne eco, recording video is so easy and affordable that you could get a camera for each of those situations. You may not post new threads.

The selected interval is counting down.

Should be big enough to read if you click on it. May 14, I have a Flycamone2 and just got the RX controller. ACME will not be responsible in any case for any consequential or direct problems that will lead to a loss of recorded or edited data.

The other modes are: Zoom in p is not possible. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. And I thought the translators for the battery chargers were bad!

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