When i was looking for a good set of plans for a floating arm trebuchet, i couldn’t find a single free one. I know that a lot of people share my frustration in not. This is the floating arm trebuchet with a sling. The 5 degrees of freedom are the x and y coordinates of the projectile, the height of the counterweight, and the. How to Simulate a Trebuchet Part 3: The Floating-Arm Trebuchet. The illustration above gives a diagram of a “floating-arm” trebuchet. The floating-arm type is.

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Views Read Edit View history. Large scale designs require special trigger mechanisms that can hold the weight of the throwing arm. Friction when the counterweight is dropping down to the glide strike can be reduced by using silicone grease or a thin film of plastic on the drop channel. The floating arm trebuchet uses a counterweight held on top of a tall drop channel to transfer potential energy into kinetic floaging. Retrieved from ” https: The floating arm trebuchet loses the range advantage over regular trebuchet at very large scales, because the difficulty in construction of the drop channel and axle increases with size.

Floating arm trebuchet – Wikipedia

To reset the device, the counterweight must be raised back to the original height and locked in with the trigger mechanism.

The sling or pouch, which contributes to acceleration of the projectile and trsbuchet releases it at the desired launch angle, is often made using polyester rope or other durable thin material.


Perdue 15 November This linear drop of the counterweight is more efficient in transferring potential energy to kinetic energy than the pendulum counterweight motion of a traditional trebuchet. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Their defining feature is free movement of aem axle on the throwing arm, [2] and a linear drop channel for the counterweight. A traditional trebuchet, which is simple to engineer, consists of an arm resting off-centre on an axle with a hinged counterweight at the short end of the arm.

This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Five Machines That Changed the World.

The 5DOF Floating Arm Trebuchet

Retrieved November 13, A regular trebuchet is a better realistic war machine. While this is happening, the wheel is moved backwards by the torque acting on the arm from the counterweight. While the floating arm design can have a lighter frame than a traditional trebuchet because the overall forces produces are less, [5] the impact of the arm on the glide flooating will cause eventual damage and may need maintenance.

The dropping of the counterweight forces the arm trebkchet swing to one side of the glide track and quickly jerk in the opposite direction to launch trebuchft projectile. Technology on Your Time. Reducing the drop distance of the wheel axle to the glide track would reduce damage, but also reduce the range of the trebuchet.


Kids Learn by Making Stuff. To reduce friction of the sling on the launch track, the track should have a smooth surface. In contrast, a floating arm trebuchet features an axle on the arm freely moving along a horizontal glide track.

Floating arm trebuchet

The arm is on a moving axle and the torque acts on the entire structure, preventing stalling. The most common of several trigger mechanisms is two eye bolts and a peg through both bolts. The design and construction of such machines is a popular project assignment aarm post-secondary engineering classes. However, a floating arm trebuchet is more efficient when built to a size of between one meter and five meters, [6] making it suitable for hobbyists and model builders.

In larger designs, the trigger system is applied at the top of the drop channel. Upon releasing the trigger, the counterweight is allowed to drop through the channel.

The release mechanism is trebucet hook with a specific bend in its tip to determine when centripetal force will release one end of the sling, freeing the projectile to continue on its path. A floating arm trebuchet has three points of contact where friction can interfere with efficiency.

The Floating Arm Trebuchet is a counterweight siege weapon which is a modern variation [1] of the medieval trebuchet.