“@douglaswils depictions, though comically exaggerated, are essentially accurate not only of Christian culture but of an America in which middle-class suburbia. 1 Jun Evangellyfish Douglas Wilson   What do you get when you mix up a megachurch sex scandal, a Reformed. Evangellyfish has ratings and reviews. Christopher said: Originally, I was leery about reading a novel written by a theologian (i.e. what does To.

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What do we do about that?

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I love good doctrine and I love to see it lived out. Fifth, well, I really enjoyed the book. He also uses words related to sex and sexuality that are, well, a bit crude. Take, for example, this security guard explaining the destruction caused by a drunk patron: But it is worth the read. It could never happen. Those reviews were terribly mistaken. To the extent that Wilson is indicting the megachurch mentality and coverup culture that has become cliche in evangelical scandals, two thumbs up.

This, compared to his predecessors, made him a speed demon, and the only reason he was going as slowly as this was that he kept getting distracted by pastoral needs, and he kept turning aside to use the text to encourage people.

Evangellyfish – Tim Challies

Now here is a person who is obviously intent on making great use of metaphors and similes and all such. Published January 31st by Canon Press first published January 1st Johnny Quinn sat in his cubicle in the Wildlife4YouthRampage ebangellyfish, but was not fully sure that was the right name. Wilson is a truly funny down to earth guy.


From my review posted to my blog: But he also wrestles with his jealousy, struggles to know how to respond to Chad Lester after he punches him in the nose, and finally ends up eating humble pie. Mar 17, Christopher rated it really liked it. Let me share some of my favourites. The world is full of them. We get scenes such as Mitchell finding his day paralleling an Old Testament prophet. Not explicit – not at all.

Also the vocabulary was really hard.

Evangellyfish by Douglas Wilson

One liaison mentioned in passing includes 2 men and a third person who is addressed by a unisex name that leaves the reader wondering whether it was a woman or a third man.

Uncertainty was part of the appeal.

I braced myself when I started this book, hearing that it had made other people squirm. There are nobler and less noble areas of life from which to evangellyfixh your similes.

I believe Doug Wilson has done just that. Sponsor Show Your Support. Burst out laughing from the first sentences.

But if there’s a flaw in the book, it’s that he has armed too many of his characters with the same craft; he puts in too many mouths his own quick-witted Wilsonian jocularity. At least that is how I read it. This story should make evangelicals squirm, sweat, and hopefully evangellyfixh.

The lives of these two men, and so many others, are thrown together as the details of the scandal unfold and explode. And that is Wilson’s hope as well, because underlying the criticism and the punishingly unflattering portrait of the modern evangelical church which one simultaneously hopes and doubts is grossly exaggerated is the steady and jaunty note of grace.


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Evangellyfish | Themelios from The Gospel Coalition

Pastor Lester is the confident, smooth charismatic celebrity pastor caught in a sex scandal that threatens his career and church. I appreciated that however heavy the portrayal of the roach-nest megachurch, there was not a bitter residual indignation.

As is the case with such scandals, the facts mean nothing when compared to the lurid details. To be honest, there was way too much innuendo and I personally couldn’t stomach it.

The contrived Reformed-ish identity Wilson want A great book that exposes the mess that is the culture of American Evangelicalism and also the grace that still shines through. When he is accused by some schemer of having made improper advances on another man, a false accusation, the roaches start scrambling because an investigation of any sort is going to find monstrous improprieties.

However, the one sided stupidity shown in the mega-church in this book is really unfair. And the only reason that I did read this novel is because it is written by Doug Wilson, who in the last few years have become one of my absolute favourite writers one of my favourite preachers too, by the way. All that being said, I’m a fan of Wilson’s wit–I evangellyfush he is a very solid writer, and I was pretty engaged and interested throughout the novel.