Erwin Puts, the author of Leica Lens Compendium book and TAO of Leica web- site allowed us to convert his book to html format and publish it on the. Results 1 – 17 of 17 Leica Lens Compendium by Puts, Erwin and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Erwin Puts Limited Edition (only copies) second edition to his famous Leica Lens Compendium book; main focus again are the Leica Lenses; English.

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This black chrome finish was not available for a long time, replaced as it was by compendiuk versions of black paint. In many cases the statements cannot be corroborated or replicated. Densitometer measurements however show that the tonal differences between two steps in the grey scale are limited to about a hundred. That is why the black-and-white compenrium pictures show more punch and have a more pleasing visual effect.

Look at the current mirrorless system camera and you see the same construction: The look and feel has been changed to a minimalistic design. Is the”M” for mirrorless or for Leica-M? If you think you need a new one, carefully compare existing camera with new camera and see if your photography really will improve in the direction you want to move. Make a real paper print of your best pictures and do not upload them to Facebook leicw whatever sharing site.

The choice is the result of the battle between slow thinking and fast thinking and when we are not consciously involved in the decision-making, the fast thinking makes the choice for us and efwin is left for us is simply to follow the illusion that we are in command.

To complicate matters further the pace of innovation increased and the production volume had to be increased too.

I don’t know the Lens Compendium. It is a question that inspires to reflection. No eriwn is absolutely free of flare and secondary reflections.

Sony tries to combine both worlds with a stationary mirror, but advances in electronic viewfinders and Live View options will reduce the advantages. I bought the camera I was testing. It is more complicated than that simple explanation, however convenient this may be. Now the whole class of pocket cameras, once the pride of the Japanese companies, is in jeopardy.


The exhibition is a proof that the future is not a phts of the past and compendimu Leica cannot disregard the writing at the wall.

The year was not a good year in this respect. The second hidden assumption is the idea that the camera should complement the lack of skills of the peica. The bad point is that statistically the occurrence of failures may be low, but the chance of a defect is unpredictable and can happen every day and is in most cases as with the M8 fatal.

The bestseller by Kahneman about the slow and fast systems of decision-making does clearly show that human beings may believe that they are acting rational, but the chance that this is the case is rather low.

With this strategy Leica followed in the footsteps of Nikon, the company that started as a premium manufacturer of professional photographic equipment and expanded its range with equipment for the amateur snap-shooter that was the name of that species of photographers.

Leica provides access to a rich set of technical data and information on current or recently discontinued cameras, lenses and accessories at leica-camera. Leica pictures have putw had the distinction of an honest and detailed record of the world and the Leica lenses have been designed with that goal in mind: The lens construction shows seven lens elements, inclusive one aspherical surface and the floating group.

CollectiBlend: Library: Leica lens compendium by Erwin Puts

The optical performance of the M has been equalled and sometimes even improved upon by the X-vario system. This makes testing a boring proposition.

In the past Leitz did increase the production by hiring more people who got extensive training. Comparison after comparison, scientific and popular indicate that the image quality of the APS-C sensor is for most intents and purposes equal if not better than the 24×36 sized sensors often referred to as full-frame, but that is a technical notion from sensor technology that is not related to size: This page reference book on “the compendiuj, the cameras, the lenses” provides a much-praised historical overview of the evolution of the Leica brand, discusses challenges of mechanical and optical engineering, and presents detailed descriptions and evaluations of M-system and R-system lenses.

Movies were extremely popular at the end of the 19th century and compenduim since then surpassed photography as the main visual medium. The best reviews ever written in my opinion are still the reports by Geoffrey Crawley whose books about the Nikon F and Canon F-1 systems are required reading for everyone who aspires to undertake a serious equipment report.


Both companies were engineering-driven and had the same design goal: Technically highly interesting, but for the final image not that relevant. There is nothing wrong with this trend, but it is built on cultural quicksand. It cemented a strong consumer base with excellent quality equipment for the advanced amateur that was also cheap enough for the beginning or aspiring professional.

The Lens Compendium is exactly that—a compendium of all Leica M and R lenses including lens cross-section diagrams, MTF curves, production data, tech specs, etc. HCB iconized the decisive compemdium, but van der Elsken used a different approach. The results obtainable with the lenses were based on the optical performance. Digital cameras may have a secured future as the technology will develop for a very long period, but the problem here is that the main parts are vulnerable, very costly to repair if at all, and often no longer compatible.

Then you have the developers: But the high performance demands a production technology with extremely narrow tolerances. The choice of RAW developers has all characteristics of the old discussion between film types and developers: The endless comparisons between camera X with lens Y and camera A with lens B are pointless, because what these activities do is simply activating the shopping impulse that releases the dopamine neurons that stimulate the pleasure centre.

I am not going to argue that silver-halide processing is better than digital I am sure compendihm I will be burdened by FLAK.

We know what an IGP is when we see it. Photography will be seamlessly integrated into movie-recording and thereby will loose its distinct personality. One must also carefully distinguish between lens-induced reflections and camera-generated reflections.

Free Resources for Leica Fans

In fact we only have one single pleasure centre in the brain. It seems like it is an improvement over prior M’s. The photographic camera as we know it, is on compeneium brink of extinction when we look at the developments from an evolutionary perspective.

If pixel-peepers would have existed in the heydays of the Leica photography to hardly any picture would have been passed the test: Is this a problem?